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Improvements Coming to Maple GO Station

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Improvements Coming to Maple GO Station

Ontario Government Committed to Public Transit

Ministry of Transportation

Ontario is making it easier for commuters in Maple to take public transit.

Work is already underway on a number of improvements to the Maple GO Transit station, including:

  • Grouping and covering the outdoor ticket machine and newspaper stands
  • Installing a new exterior canopy to provide coverage for bikes
  • Repairing the building's façade and interior
  • Upgrading accessibility ramps

Starting June 29, the station will also benefit from seasonal GO service. Additional GO Trains will run on weekends and holidays and GO Buses will run between Rutherford GO station and Canada's Wonderland, connecting with every weekend and holiday train trip. Most regular weekend and holiday GO Bus service in the Barrie corridor will continue for the summer.

Investing in public transit is part of the new Ontario government's plan to help reduce congestion, strengthen the economy and create jobs.

Quick Facts

  • Last fall, 346 parking spaces were added at the station and a new pedestrian walkway was completed at Eagle Rock Way to help commuters get to the train station faster and more easily.
  • Maple GO station is a unique heritage building that was built over 100 years ago. Heritage features will be protected while repairs are being completed. Construction is scheduled to be finished by fall 2013.
  • With the 15-minute GO Train Service Guarantee, riders may get a credit if their train arrival is delayed 15 minutes or more.
  • Since 2003, Ontario has invested approximately $7.7 billion in GO Transit to improve service and expand routes.

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“A better GO station in Maple will help commuters get to where they need to go easily and comfortably. Our unprecedented transit investments are making public transit a better choice for commuters, reducing congestion on our roads and contributing to a better quality of life for Ontario families.”

Glen Murray

Minister of Transportation

“This is great news for commuters in Vaughan. Enhancing the GO station in Maple will preserve the historical integrity of our community’s landmark, while providing a comfortable and efficient journey for all those using the station. Investing in public transit by providing additional GO Train service on weekends and holidays will provide commuters with more convenience and flexibility when taking public transit in Vaughan.”

Steven Del Duca

MPP for Vaughan

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