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Minister's Statement on the Interprovincial Bridge Crossing Study

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Minister's Statement on the Interprovincial Bridge Crossing Study

Ministry of Transportation

Today, Glen Murray, Minister of Transportation and Minister of Infrastructure, released the following statement on the Interprovincial Bridge Crossing Environmental Assessment Study for the Ottawa Region:

"An Environmental Assessment recently recommended Kettle Island as the location for an interprovincial bridge crossing between Ottawa and Gatineau.

Ontario's new government has listened to the concerns of people who live near the proposed crossing.

A bridge at this location raises concerns due to the large number of trucks that would travel through established residential communities. In addition, provincial highways that would serve the Kettle Island bridge are not able to accommodate the expected volume of traffic they would be supporting.

For these reasons, Ontario will not be supporting a bridge at the Kettle Island location.

Keeping goods and people moving across the nation's capital is vital to Ontario's economy and having a well-planned transportation network that encourages healthy communities is critical to Ottawa's future."

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