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What People Are Saying About Ontario's Cycling Strategy

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What People Are Saying About Ontario's Cycling Strategy

Ministry of Transportation

"Wonderful! Over six years, the Great Waterfront Trail Adventure has shown us that cycling tourism brings important economic benefits to our communities. We, in Ontario, are blessed to have the Great Lakes. What a fantastic asset to showcase with cycling tourism. Congratulations and thank you to Minister Murray and his team at the Ministry of Transportation."

-- Marlaine Koehler, Executive Director, Waterfront Regeneration Trust


"It is gratifying to be part of the launch of the first bicycle policy update in Ontario since 1992. Early on in our organization's mandate in 2008, we elected to lead and make the case for the development of a new bicycle policy for our province, one which would recognize cycling as a daily mode of transportation and recreation for Ontarians and one which would see the provincial embrace cycling as not only a critical component of community building and transportation planning, but a solution to so many of the challenges facing our society: declining public health linked to inactivity, childhood obesity, air quality, and congestion. We applaud this important step forward by our provincial government and look forward to continuing to work with provincial and municipal politicians, officials and all our partners, towards a more bicycle-friendly Ontario."

-- Eleanor McMahon, CEO and founder, Share the Road Cycling Coalition


"Any step taken to make a community more attractive for cycling, makes that community stronger, safer and more attractive for everyone. This strategy makes it clear how encouraging more people to ride a bike in Ontario will benefit the entire province."

-- David Chernushenko, sustainability educator, producer at Bike City, Great City and Ottawa city councillor


"Citizens for Safe Cycling is very pleased to see Ontario's cycling strategy come to fruition. Our organization turns 30 in 2014 and this strategy is a great tool to build on for the next 20 years. On a local level in Ottawa, our nations' capital, we have advocated for a place for the bicycle in everyday life. We are very happy that Ottawa's success can now be emulated at the provincial level. The aspirations are very ambitious, but that gives all stakeholders the opportunity to create an Ontario that supports opportunities for a healthier lifestyle for many,  relies less on fossil fuels, and creates a cleaner and safer traffic environment for everyone. We are particularly pleased with the attention for the under five-kilometre distance trips, which count for the majority of bike trips. We think this is a well written document that everyone can and should support in the interest of future generations of Ontarians. It will serve as a reference document for municipal and provincial advocates, planners and politicians alike. We congratulate the ministry with this ground breaking initiative."

-- Hans Moor, president, Citizens for Safe Cycling

"This strong strategy to advance cycling in Ontario sets a clear direction to improve the conditions for cycling and to promote cycling as a positive transportation choice. We look forward to seeing implementation steps in the near future, to turn this great vision into a concrete reality for Ontario."

-- Beth Savan, principal investigator, Toronto Cycling Think and Do Tank, University of Toronto

"CAA has been an active partner in cycling and in the development of CycleON: Ontario's Cycling Strategy. As a membership association representing over 2.3 million road users -- cyclists and motorists -- province-wide, CAA will continue to provide guidance and support as we work to make Ontario a leading province for cycling in Canada."

-- John Ennis, Government & Community Relations, Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)

"Respect for all road users and understanding the operating characteristics of the different types of vehicles that share the roadways, such as trucks and bicycles, is essential to improving safety for all."

-- David Bradley, president, Ontario Trucking Association President

"Niagara Region Public Health is honoured to have been part of the consultation in the development of CycleON: Ontario's Cycling Strategy. All ministries have a role to play in the health and well-being of Ontarians as identified by the Ministry of Transportation's leadership. We look forward to the MTO's cycling vision being realized and we anticipate a further strengthening of CycleON: Ontario's Cycling Strategy in the MTO's future Action Plans."

-- Dr. Valerie Jaeger, medical officer of health, Niagara Region Public Health

"Ontario's new cycling strategy establishes a forward-thinking and exciting new 20-year vision for a more cycling-friendly Ontario. It includes important strategies to achieve more healthy, active and prosperous communities and to expand and improve cycling infrastructure. It will continue the focus to provide safe highways and streets, expand public awareness and support cycling tourism throughout the province. MMM Group is pleased to have had the opportunity to contribute to the Ministry of Transportation's bold initiative on this important mode of travel."

-- Dave Richardson, senior project manager and Partner, MMM Group

"The Ontario Cycling Strategy will make a positive difference in the lives of all Ontarians when implemented. The strategy offers a bold vision to making cycling safe, encourage more people to cycle, and provide the necessary infrastructure. Most importantly, the strategy provides practical and achievable steps on how to achieve the vision and make Ontario a leader in cycling. Bike 27, Cycle Toronto's Ward 27 Advocacy Group, supports the strategy and calls on everyone to work together to see goals come to reality. Cycling isn't just about commuting from point A to point B; it's also fun, contributes to economic development, and helps keep our air clean."

-- Chris Drew, co-captain, Bike 27, Cycle Toronto's Ward 27 Advocacy Group

"This is an extremely important and timely initiative. These recommendations will make a difference as the Province of Ontario takes steps toward a more sustainable future."

-- Ken Greenberg, principal, Greenberg Consultants Inc.

"We enthusiastically support the Government of Ontario's cycling strategy and invite all regions and municipalities as well as citizen organizations to work hard in order to make sure it really moves from talking to doing. It's bold, it's visionary, and now we must implement it: elected officials from all levels, public sector staff from all departments, and citizens. We must make sure that riding a bicycle is safe and enjoyable for eight year-olds as well as for 80 year-olds, and then it will be safe and enjoyable for all."

-- Gil Penalosa, 8-80 Cities

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