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Share the Road -- Same Rules, Same Rights

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Share the Road -- Same Rules, Same Rights

Ontario Government Helping Cyclists, Drivers Stay Safe

Ministry of Transportation

As more cyclists take to the road during the summer months, the Ontario government is urging drivers and cyclists to share the road and travel safely.

Tips for cyclists:

  • Before you ride, make sure your bike is adjusted correctly and equipment is working properly.
  • Ride one metre from the curb or the right edge of the road where there is no curb, unless you're turning left.
  • Stay out of the blind spots of vehicles, especially large ones such as trucks and buses, particularly when they're turning.
  • Consider wearing a bicycle helmet. They can greatly reduce the risk of permanent injury or death if you fall or are in a collision.


Tips for drivers:

  • As a best practice, leave at least one metre between your vehicle and a cyclist when passing. Change lanes to pass whenever possible.
  • Don't follow too closely -- cyclists don't have brake lights to warn you when they're slowing or stopping.
  • When you're parked, always check your mirrors and blind spots for cyclists before opening a vehicle door.
  • If you need to enter or cross a bike lane to turn, do so after you make sure it's safe. Don't stop or park in a bike lane.

Quick Facts

  • Bicycles are considered vehicles, just like cars or trucks, which means they must obey all applicable traffic laws under the Highway Traffic Act.
  • All cyclists under 18 years old must wear an approved helmet.
  • E-bike operators must be at least 16 years old and wear an approved bike or motorcycle helmet.

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“All road users, whether they’re driving, cycling or walking, need to be aware of each other on the road. Following the rules and respecting other travellers will help everyone enjoy a safe summer, however they choose to get around.”

Steven Del Duca

Minister of Transportation

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