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Support For: Electric Vehicles

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Support For: Electric Vehicles

Ministry of Transportation

"Ontario must embrace evolving technologies like EV and Fuel Cell and encourage companies to develop the next generation of vehicles right here‎ -- in the Silicon Valley of the North."

- Ray Tanguay, Auto Advisor to the Ontario and Canadian governments

"Globally relevant automotive clusters focus industrial policy on ensuring that their product mix features the most advanced powertrain technologies available. However, only the most successful jurisdictions like Ontario know that to stay ahead, they must help inspire consumer adoption of new technology while also regulating manufacturers to create them."

- Flavio Volpe, President, Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA)

"At GM we believe the future of personal transportation will be increasingly electric and connected, with great benefit for our customers and society. Ontario's enhanced plug-in vehicle incentives, part of its Climate Action Plan, establish the province as a leader in supporting consumers who are considering new electric vehicle models but remain challenged by the higher costs of fast evolving battery and EV technologies."

- Steve Carlisle, ‎President and Managing Director, General Motors of Canada

"Adding to an impressive track record of progressive leadership on climate change, including the promotion of zero-emission electric vehicles, development of autonomous vehicles and expansion of public transit, today's announcement puts Ontario on the path towards a clean, world-class transportation system on which to build healthier communities and a strong, diverse economy. We look forward to working with the Government of Ontario on the implementation of its green infrastructure agenda."

- Steve McCauley, Interim-CEO, Pollution Probe

"With transportation being the largest GHG emitting sector in Ontario, it is clear that the increased electrification of the Province's transportation system will be essential in helping to achieve Ontario's ambitious GHG reduction goals.  We are thrilled to see Ontario moving into a leadership position on electric vehicles, with a progressive suite of policy initiatives including this renewed and expanded incentive program combined with recently announced significant investments in EV infrastructure. We congratulate the province on these investments in Ontario's clean energy future, which will deliver both emission reductions and economic benefits to the citizens of Ontario."

 - Cara Clairman, President and CEO, Plug'n Drive 

"EMC strongly supports the deployment of green infrastructure at the workplace and for public access, to accelerate the number of electric vehicles in each province, and help fight climate change. Combined with continuous financial incentives, effective awareness campaigns, and more availability of vehicles, it is a key element to move faster from an early adopter's market to a mass market."

- Chantal Guimont, President & CEO, Electric Mobility Canada 

"The province has been putting in place the policy and support tools to enable electric vehicles to thrive in Ontario. If Ontario can lead the electric vehicle transition there will be major financial and environmental benefits for all Ontarians."

- Matt Stevens, CEO, FleetCarma

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