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GTA West Corridor Review

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GTA West Corridor Review

Ministry of Transportation

In December 2015 the Ministry of Transportation suspended its work on the environmental assessment of the Greater Toronto Area West (GTA West) highway corridor to conduct an internal review of the work undertaken since 2007, and ensure that the project still aligns with current government policy and emerging technologies.  

To assist with the review, an advisory panel made up of industry experts was appointed. The panel members are Gail Beggs as Chair, along with Rod Northey and Matthias Sweet.

Ontario's unprecedented investments in public transit and transportation infrastructure, the Climate Change Action Plan, changes to the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, as well as car sharing services and automated car technologies all support a more efficient use of existing highway infrastructure.

The advisory panel is preparing a strategic assessment of potential alternative approaches to meeting future transportation demand and infrastructure needs, to ensure the efficient movement of passengers and goods in the GTA West corridor.  The panel has had the opportunity to review material dating back over a decade, and is now seeking public input through a call for submissions, an online questionnaire, and stakeholder consultations.

Municipalities, Indigenous communities, interested stakeholders and the general public are invited to provide feedback. An online questionnaire will be available at www.gtawestreview.com, and questions or comments may also be submitted by email to gtawestreview@ontario.ca.

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“With new emerging technologies and the government’s commitment to help protect the environment and the Greenbelt, it is essential to have a forward looking plan when it comes to dealing with congestion and transportation needs.”

Steven Del Duca

Minister of Transportation

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