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Ontario Committed to Road Safety with New Inspections

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Ontario Committed to Road Safety with New Inspections

Province Ensuring Trucks are Safely Loaded at Construction Sites

Ministry of Transportation

The Ministry of Transportation, in partnership with the Ministry of Labour, will conduct enforcement initiatives this summer to ensure trucks are safely loaded at construction worksites.  

From June 1 to September 1, 2018, enforcement teams will monitor construction sites across the Greater Toronto Area to help raise awareness of the safety hazards of overloading dump trucks on excavation project sites.

The inspections will focus on:

·        Compliance of allowable loads

·        Preventive measures to avoid overloading

·        Hazards involving improper use of dump truck equipment

·        Mandated safety requirements

 The province will also conduct inspections to confirm:

·        Compliance with weight and cargo securement

·        Vehicle mechanical fitness

·        Permitting and documentation requirements

·        Driver qualification and hours of service

·        Daily trip inspections

·        Vehicle dimensions

·        Speed limiter requirements

These enforcement initiatives will help support Ontario's ongoing work to develop longer-term solutions around compliance with allowable axle weights and the safety of dump truck operators.

Ontario's roads are among the safest in North America, and the province is committed to keeping them as safe as possible. Ensuring Ontario's workers have a safe place to perform their duties is paramount.

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