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The Getting Ontario Moving Act Will Keep our Roads Safe, Protect Frontline Workers, Schoolchildren, and Motorcyclists


The Getting Ontario Moving Act Will Keep our Roads Safe, Protect Frontline Workers, Schoolchildren, and Motorcyclists

Ministry of Transportation

Ontario's government for the people is proposing legislative and regulatory amendments that, if passed, would upload authority for new subway projects to the province, cut red tape for our province's job creators and help make sure Ontario's roads remain among the safest in North America.

The proposed changes would:

Upload Authority for New Subway Projects to the Province

  • The people of Ontario have waited long enough for transit improvements and investments. Amending the Metrolinx Act to upload responsibility for new subway projects from the City of Toronto to the province would mean new subways are built faster on time for the people of Ontario.

Cut Red Tape, Reduce Regulatory Burdens to Keep Ontario Open for Business

  • Providing consumers greater choice by changing motorcycle handlebar height restrictions to allow for high-styled handlebars. 
  • Amending the vehicle weights and dimensions regulation to allow for the use of advanced technologies such as wide-based single tires. This will harmonize our rules with other jurisdictions to improve industry productivity, reduce fuel consumption and improve road safety, demonstrating that Ontario is open for business.
  • Making life easier for people with personal use pickup trucks and trailers by changing regulations to exempt them from burdensome annual inspections.
  • Reducing the burden on the shortline railway industry through amendments to better manage performance.

Increase the Safety of Every Person Who Uses our Roads, Highways, and Bridges

  • Protecting frontline, roadside maintenance, construction, tow truck and recovery workers from careless and dangerous drivers by strengthening applicable penalties.
  • Continuing our efforts to keep children safe by allowing a new Administrative Monetary Penalty framework that gives municipalities the tools they need to target drivers who blow-by school buses and threaten the safety of children crossing roads to their school or home.
  • Improving the flow of traffic and enhancing road safety on our highways by introducing tougher penalties for driving slowly in the left-hand lane;
  • Making learning to drive safer and reaffirming that alcohol, drugs and illegal substances never mix with driving by introducing a new offence for any driving instructor that violates a Zero Blood Alcohol or Drug Presence requirement.
  • Protecting single occupant motorcyclists by allowing them to use High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes - a much safer part of the road for them.
  • Protecting bike lanes and bus terminals by amending the Highway Traffic Act to include two signs that would prohibit other vehicles from entering.
  • Improving road conditions and ensuring community safety by creating an offence for defacing or removing traffic signs. 

Find Efficiencies within Government to Save Taxpayer Dollars so the People of Ontario Can Keep More of Their Hard Earned Dollars  

  • Making it easier for Charter buses to travel in Ontario by amending Ontario's Highway Traffic Act (HTA) to align with requirements under the International Registration Plan (IRP).
  • Making Ontario open for business by amending the HTA for small commercial trucks travelling from the United States.
  • Keeping impaired drivers off the road by aligning Highway Traffic Act references with recent changes to the Criminal Code of Canada related to drug impairment.
  • Improving the flow of traffic and making it easier to build highway infrastructure by allowing temporary alterations to special use lanes within designated construction zones.
  • Supporting development by updating the Public Transportation and Highway Improvement Act (PTHIA) for above ground and below ground structures.
  • Accelerating the construction of projects by updating PTHIA permitting for standalone earthworks for grading work. 
  • Making life easier for tourism operators and recreational off-road vehicle drivers by simplifying the rules around off-road vehicles to allow them to operate on municipal roads, unless specifically prohibited.


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