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Remarks for Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation


Remarks for Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation

Ministry of Transportation


"Good morning everyone and thank you for being here today.

I am very pleased to be here this morning to update you on the significant progress made between the Province of Ontario and the City of Toronto to advance our four priority transit projects.

Last April, Premier Ford unveiled Ontario's $28.5 billion New Subway Transit Plan for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), including four priority subway projects. Our government's original proposal was to deliver subway expansion by transferring ownership of the existing network.

As Mayor Tory referenced earlier today, our government has now determined that we can deliver these four projects quickly and efficiently by working with the City.

Under Ontario's proposal to Toronto, the existing subway system would remain the responsibility of the City.  Our four new expansion projects will be the responsibility of the Province.

In order to guarantee the four projects are delivered rapidly and to ensure the new subway lines are integrated with the existing TTC system, the Province is committed to working with the City to establish the best approach to manage key points of intersection between the existing and future lines, including with respect to the level of access and control required.

I know Mayor Tory, and City Council, are committed to getting past delays and building transit faster.  As Minister of Transportation, I will work with the City of Toronto to find ways to accelerate and expedite the delivery of subways.

Building much-needed transit to reduce gridlock is an urgent priority, and we are aggressively pursuing the implementation of our four priority subway projects to achieving the timelines we communicated to commuters.

This proposal will deliver both a major expansion of Toronto's subway network, and much-needed improvements to the existing transit network.

The City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario are on the cusp of pursuing one single unified plan for subway expansion in Toronto.

Commuters want governments to work together to build subways, solve gridlock and promote economic growth. 

I want to thank provincial and City officials for the work that led to this proposal. Minister Surma and I look forward to continuing to work with the City of Toronto to deliver real transit expansion."


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