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French Language Services Report Released

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French Language Services Report Released

McGuinty Government Improving French-Language Services

Ministry of Francophone Affairs

Ontario's new French Language Services Commissioner, François Boileau, released his first annual report today.

The report made three recommendations to help the government build on its commitment to improving French-language services in Ontario.

The recommendations relate to:

  • Ensuring the definition of Francophones in Ontario reflects the diversity of this population
  • Reviewing the role of the government's French-language services coordinators to ensure they are able to assist in the implementation of French-language services
  •  Examining how to improve the delivery of French-language services provided by the government's transfer payment agencies.

The government is committed to working with the Commissioner to address each of his recommendations.

Quick Facts

  • The government appointed Boileau on August 1, 2007. He is the first French Language Services Commissioner in the province's history.
  • The main functions of the Commissioner include:
    • Investigating the government's compliance with the French Language Services Act and reporting on the results of his investigations;
    • Monitoring the progress of government agencies in providing French-language services;
    • Advising the Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs on the administration of the act.
  • Twenty-five areas in Ontario are designated under the province's French Language Services Act.

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“The Ontario Government thanks the Commissioner for his report which will help in its mission to deliver first rate French-language services.”

Madeleine Meilleur

Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs



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