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Profile of Ontario's Francophone Community

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Profile of Ontario's Francophone Community

The diversity of Ontario's Francophone community is highlighted in a new statistical report by the Ontario government and Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF).

Ministry of Francophone Affairs


  • Ontario is home to close to 600,000 Francophones. In 2006, the total population of the Francophone community was 582,695, an increase of 4,545 people since 2001.
  • One in every twenty people in Ontario is a Francophone.
  • The Francophone community is older compared to Ontario overall - proportionately there are more seniors 65 years and over and fewer people under 35 years.
  • The large majority of Francophones (81.2 per cent) live in the 25 areas designated under the French Language Services Act.

Mobility and Place of Birth

  • Three out of five Francophones were born in Ontario and one in five was born in Quebec.
  • About 14 percent of Ontario Francophones were born outside of Canada.
  • Twenty-two percent of all Francophone immigrants arrived between 2001 and 2006, a greater percentage than among the general population.

Language Retention

  • The majority of Francophones in Ontario speak French most often at home (55 percent).
  • Over two-thirds of Francophones use French at work.

Economic Situation

  • In 2006, Francophones in Ontario had higher average and median employment incomes than the overall population across all regions.
  • The wage gap between Francophone women and men was smaller than for Ontario overall.
  • In 2006, a lower percentage of Francophones in Ontario were living below the low-income cut-off compared to the overall population, but there are significant regional variations. There were a higher proportion of Francophones living in Central Ontario, and in particular Toronto, living below the low-income cut-off compared to the general population.