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Ontario Ensures French Services Are Provided Through Third Parties

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Ontario Ensures French Services Are Provided Through Third Parties

McGuinty Government Supporting Ontario's Francophone Community

Ministry of Francophone Affairs

Ontario is making sure that French-language services are being provided by third parties that deliver services on behalf of government.

Previously, there was an expectation that third parties working for the government deliver services in French, in the 25 designated French areas of the province. A new regulation sets a compliance timeline of 2014 to ensure that the government is fulfilling its commitment to the French Language Services Act in these areas.

Government ministries and agencies will need to complete a review of current services and make necessary changes to ensure compliance. For example, services such as employment services through Employment Ontario, and driver examination services provided through DriveTest will have to be offered in French, in the 25 designated areas of the province.

This follows a recommendation from the French Language Services Commissioner that encouraged the government to adopt this regulation to improve the overall delivery of government services in French.

Quick Facts

  • The French Language Services Act was passed unanimously by the government on November 18, 1986. It came into force on November 19, 1989.
  • There are close to 600,000 Francophones in Ontario, the largest Francophone community outside of Quebec. One in twenty people in Ontario is a Francophone.

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“''This regulation is a significant initiative that will help the Government of Ontario continue to meet its obligations under the French Language Services Act. As we approach the act's 25th anniversary this regulation reiterates our strong commitment to its principles and to the overall development of Ontario's Francophone community.”

Madeleine Meilleur

Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs

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