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A Francophone Heritage, Cultural and Tourism Corridor in 2017

Archived Bulletin

A Francophone Heritage, Cultural and Tourism Corridor in 2017

A Permanent Legacy to the Canadian Francophonie

Ministry of Francophone Affairs

For Francophones and Francophiles across Canada, the 150th anniversary of Confederation is the perfect occasion to commemorate their historic social, economic and cultural contributions.

In this spirit, the federal government's announcement to develop a Francophone Heritage, Cultural and Tourism Corridor in recognition of the contribution of francophones to the Canadian identity must be saluted. This corridor will constitute a permanent legacy, thereby fulfilling a request supported by the ensemble of provinces and territories.

The points of interest and tourism products that make up the corridor will be identified in partnership with the key actors involved, including provincial and territorial tourism ministries. The towns and cities linked to the Francophonie through history, culture and language will also be involved in this large scale Francophone initiative.

Quick Facts

  • The corridor will connect points of interest across the country based on their cultural and heritage value, thereby strengthening the tourism sector of the Canadian Francophonie and the economic vitality of francophone and Acadian communities.
  • High-quality tourism products offering French-language services, special signage on the ground, a website and mobile applications will be linked with the corridor.
  • The corridor will be launched by July 1st, 2017.


“We are thrilled about this high-profile initiative to promote local economic development through an innovative tourism offer. This project is the culmination of a collaborative effort between the provinces and the federal government which will bring together Francophone communities across the country. With the highest concentration of Francophones outside of Quebec and a longstanding Francophone heritage, Ontario will create a tourism route that traces Samuel de Champlain’s passage route through our waterways while highlighting the many tourist attractions that make Ontario a destination of choice. The Francophone Heritage, Cultural and Tourism Corridor is an extraordinary opportunity to celebrate our Francophonie as we commemorate the 150th anniversary of Confederation.”

Marie-France Lalonde

Ontario Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs

“The Francophone Heritage, Cultural and Tourism Corridor is a significant unifying initiative for the Canadian Francophonie and for all Quebeckers and Canadians. French is the common language in Quebec and a key part of our distinct identity, an identity that resonates across Canada thanks to the 2.6 million other Francophone and Francophile Canadians. Our government will actively contribute to the corridor’s development in Quebec to make it a platform of choice for our regional culture and tourism attractions and as a clear economic driver. Let’s continue to work together for the French language and culture!”

Jean-Marc Fournier

Quebec Minister responsible for Canadian Relations and the Canadian Francophonie

“Our government welcomes this positive initiative which will have an important impact on our community economic development. This type of project supports our economic and promotional efforts and those of other francophone communities in the country. The corridor will be an opportunity for us to promote New Brunswick’s Acadie and our Francophonie. We are a valued asset that makes us unique and ensures the development of our communities.”

Francine Landry

New Brunswick Minister of Economic Development and Minister responsible for La Francophonie

“Alberta has one of the largest and fastest growing French-speaking populations in Canada, which has resulted in increased interest in developing and marketing Francophone tourism experiences and products in the province. We know that our culture and tourism sectors contribute to the cultural, social and economic well-being of communities across the province. We are pleased that the federal government is working with community partners, including some in Alberta, to further grow our cultural and experiential tourism sectors, for the benefit of Alberta’s families, communities, visitors, and investors.”

Ricardo Miranda

Alberta Minister of Culture and Tourism and Minister responsible for the Francophone Secretariat

“I wish to express my deepest congratulations to the Ministers from Ontario and Quebec, and all governments across the country who led us to this important announcement for the Canadian Francophonie.”

Michel Samson

Nova Scotia Minister of Acadian Affairs and Francophonie

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