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Guelph Students Hit the Cookbooks

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Guelph Students Hit the Cookbooks

McGuinty Government Promotes Healthy Eating At School

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Goodbye burgers and chips, hello couscous and grilled chicken.

Students at College Heights Secondary School and three other Ontario high schools will don chef hats and prepare healthy meals this fall. Ontario is teaming up with celebrity chef David Rocco to promote healthy eating and to share recipes using fresh, locally grown ingredients.

Healthy eating habits help students succeed. According to the Journal of School Health, students who ate healthy - and reduced their fat intake - performed better at school.

The McGuinty government is launching this pilot project at four schools in Guelph, Brampton, Kingston and North Bay. Since 2003, Ontario has taken several steps to fuel student success through healthier food choices. Dropping trans fat from lunchroom menus, school vending machines, tuck shops, and other venues where food is sold is just one example.

Real Food for Real Kids and Foodland Ontario are partners in this pilot project. Real Food for Real Kids will use their expertise to prepare healthy recipes schools can use. Foodland Ontario will review the recipes and work with schools to identify fresh, locally-grown foods

The participating schools offer the new Specialist High Skills Major in Hospitality and Tourism.

Quick Facts

  • Schools with healthier menus saw a 50 per cent drop in new cases of overweight students within two years.
  • There are more than 115 farmers' markets in Ontario.

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“Encouraging the use of fresh, local foods is an important part of teaching young people about healthy eating. Ontario's Foodland program and our Pick Ontario Freshness strategy are great resources that help educate consumers to make healthier food choices and learn how good things grow in Ontario.”

Leona Dombrowsky

Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

“We can all benefit from learning how to cook healthy meals with fresh, local ingredients. This is a great opportunity for Guelph students in our Specialist High Skills Major to learn about healthy food preparation from a well-known chef.”

Liz Sandals

MPP for Guelph.

“To get kids to eat healthy we need to get them excited about cooking - they'll want to eat what they've made - and that's a life skill as important as math and science.”

David Rocco



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