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Opportunities Grow for Health Care in Chapleau

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Opportunities Grow for Health Care in Chapleau

McGuinty Government Helps Improve Access To Rural Health Care Services

Ontario is helping improve access to health care services in Chapleau and the surrounding communities by investing in the Chapleau Health Care Project.  

The province will invest up to $283,000 to help the Chapleau Health Care Project:

  • hire a part-time project coordinator for 4 years
  • develop a rural nursing accreditation program
  • develop marketing materials for healthcare career fairs
  • create a summer science camp for youth to explore health care careers, and
  • purchase new equipment and software for the medical clinic to access patient health information from the Chapleau General Hospital.

Quick Facts

  • Since 2003, Ontario has invested $74.8 million in 229 projects through the Rural Economic Development Program.
  • The Rural Economic Development Program invests in community-based projects in three priority areas: improved access to health care services, revitalized communities and downtowns, and enhanced skills training.

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“By providing the correct training and technology we are helping improve access to health care services which in turn will positively affect economic development within this region.”

Mike Brown

MPP for Algoma-Manitoulin

“This project will allow students to enroll in health care related courses close to home allowing them to overcome the financial burden of moving away for their educational needs. Exposing youth to careers within their own communities will help fill health care vacancies with local residents over the long-term.”

Gail Bignucolo

CEO, Services de santé de Chapleau Health Services

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