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New Projects Supported By Ontario Market Investment Fund

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New Projects Supported By Ontario Market Investment Fund

Raising Elgin County's Profile

Several local food businesses, tourism and development organizations from Elgin County will participate in the London Wine and Food Show, being held in January, 2010.   The event will provide greater exposure and more sales for more of Elgin's food and wine makers.  The Province is providing $9,500 to this project.

Backyard Bounty in Guelph

Orland Conservation Incorporated has teamed up with local businesses to convert private backyard lawns in Guelph into gardens producing vegetables and fruit for the local market.  Funding for the project is going toward promotional material, including signs for gardens, grocery stores, farmers' markets and restaurants; an urban farming conference at the University of Guelph; a 'meet and greet' dinner to bring local farmers, consumers and buyers together; and market research.  The Province is providing $19,300 for the project.

Oxford Buy Local

A farm-based food map showing local farms and food producers will help build customer numbers and loyalty in Oxford County.  The map will be available in print, via Global Positioning System and on the web.  Once the data is compiled, it will have several uses, all aimed at improving the competitiveness of the local agri-food industry.  Local farm organizations are supporting the project, and the Province is providing $20,000.

Get Fresh! Campaign

The Thunder Bay Country Market is teaming up with local public health units to expand efforts to get local consumers to buy and eat more local food.  Among the activities planned are:  a local food booth to take to various community events; a conference to highlight local food and connect producers with buyers; an expansion of the local Good Food Box program to include more suppliers and buyers; improvements to the nwofood.com web site and a recipe contest.  The Province is providing $21,500 for the project.

The Royal Show of Ontario Foods

Two restaurants in the 2009 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair offered an all-Ontario menu, along with educational materials explaining the ingredients. There were also cooking demonstrations that paired chefs with Ontario farmers.  The Province provided $25,000 to the project.

Promoting Niagara Wines, Cheeses and Local Foods

Chateau des Charmes is adding Quick Response codes on wine labels that are readable with smart phone technology.  Customers can pass an iphone, for example, over the label and get a short description of a wine/food pairing, along with the local chef and farmer.  Printed recipe cards and wine tasting notes will be used by sales representatives at restaurants or with media.  Other activities include updating the company's web site to promote local farmers, and presenting the 2010 Farm to Table Feast.  The Province is contributing $100,000 to the project.

Putting Local Food on Local Tables

The Peterborough County City Health Unit is working with the local YWCA to source local foods for community activities, like Come Cook With Us and the JustFood Box, that are focused on getting people to prepare and eat healthy, wholesome meals.  A co-ordinator will be hired to make the connections and keep the orders coming.  The Province is contributing $100,000 to the project.

Power Your Day With Local Fuel

Weetabix of Canada is working with the Ontario Wheat Producers' Marketing Board to make more consumers aware of the fact that Weetabix is a 100 per cent Ontario grown and manufactured product.  Between November and January, the company will mount a multi-media promotion across the Greater Toronto Area, including in-store sampling events, radio and billboard advertising, and branding the people-powered 'Eco-Cabs' in downtown Toronto.  The Province is contributing $50,000 to the project.

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