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Lake Huron Water Quality Projects

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Lake Huron Water Quality Projects

Huron Clean Water Project (The County of Huron) ($150,000)

The Huron Clean Water Project provides financial and technical assistance to improve and protect water quality on Huron County farms and rural properties.  This includes grants of up to 50 per cent of the eligible project expenses. These projects focus on clean water diversion, erosion control measures, fragile land retirement, livestock fencing, wellhead protection, well decommissioning, manure storage, special projects, the Rural Landowner Stewardship Guide, stewardship and education.  The Clean Water Project is a partnership between The County of Huron, Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority and Maitland Valley Conservation Authority

Lake Huron Southeast Shore - Youth/Educator Summit - Spring 2010 (Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority) ($12,000)

The Youth Summit fosters a community-based approach to restoring and protecting the lands and waters of the Lake Huron-Georgian Bay watershed through education, awareness and community action.  In 2009, a Youth Summit was held north of Bayfield and brought 30 young people and their teachers together to learn about Lake Huron.  One of the recommendations from the 2009 summit was to invite the teachers to a follow-up workshop.  Ontario's investment will help hire a co-ordinator for an educator summit.

Lower Ausable Agricultural Resource Inventory (Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority) ($20,000)

The Agricultural Resource Inventory is a data set that documents landscape features and field information on crop and tillage management.  This data will help provide an overview of the location, quantity and quality of the use of agricultural land in Ontario.  Geographic Information System (GIS) products could be used in modelling for this inventory and for sharing with the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority, local municipalities and the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association.

Huron County Natural Heritage GIS (The County of Huron) ($10,000)

The goal of the Huron County Natural Heritage strategy is to enhance and protect natural heritage features in Huron County.  One component of the strategy is developing comprehensive GIS data layers of the natural heritage resources in Huron County.  These products, particularly the wetland layer, will help local conservation authorities and the Huron Stewardship Council determine the best wetland restoration opportunities.

Bayfield Watershed - Water Quality Project - GIS (Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority/University of Western Ontario) ($3,000)

This partnership will help train future conservation professionals in how to apply GIS to protect water quality.  University of Western Ontario fourth year students will provide background information about important characteristics that identify soil erosion areas, hydrologically active areas and sediment delivery potential.  Then, they will develop a GIS erosion model for the Bayfield Watershed area.

Ridgeway - Watershed Project, no till, phosphorus delivery monitoring (Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority) ($15,000)

No-till farming has been promoted as the preferred environmentally friendly method for soil and water conservation for more than 20 years.  A community watershed outreach program is currently underway in the Ridgeway watershed to study the effects of phosphorous movement when runoff and erosion occurs.  Water is being sampled for dissolved phosphorus to help the community identify and reduce concentrations.

Pine River Initiative (Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority) ($10,000)

The Pine River Watershed Initiative Network began as a kitchen table group of citizens concerned about the quality of water in the Pine River Watershed.  In 2009, with the help of community partners, the network arranged the planting of 64,000 trees in the watershed.  Ontario's investment in this project supports a co-ordinator to implement stewardship projects and continue to educate watershed residents.

Lower Maitland Community Outreach (Huron Stewardship Council/ Maitland Valley Conservation Authority, MVCA) ($10,000)

The goal of the Lower Maitland Stewardship Group is to protect the many special natural heritage features in this area.  In 2009, the group completed a survey of neighbouring landowners.  The survey determined what features of the valley were important to landowners and what support might be required to help carry out stewardship activities.  Ontario's investment will support a co-ordinator to implement their activities.

Tricks Creek Watershed Outreach (Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority/Huron Stewardship Council) ($10,000)

The long term goal is to develop a watershed plan to enhance and protect key watershed features for Trick's Creek.  This year, the goal is to write a report that summarizes:

  • background watershed information such as geology, soils, land use, natural areas and existing water quality data;
  • key community issues in the watershed
  • data gaps
  • identification and suitability of restoration sites; and
  • recommendations, including monitoring.

Lambton County Shores - Lake Huron - (St. Clair Region Conservation Authority) ($10,000)

There are two rural stream enhancement projects within the Township of Plympton-Wyoming, north of Sarnia.  Successful completion of these two projects, (eight acres in Shashawandah Creek and three acres in Cow Creek) will highlight community-based efforts in the ongoing protection and enhancement of Lake Huron.

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