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Agri-Food Bin Manufacturer Comes To Aylmer

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Agri-Food Bin Manufacturer Comes To Aylmer

McGuinty Government Helping Develop New Businesses, Create Jobs

Elgin County will soon be home to a new agricultural bin manufacturing facility that will create jobs and boost the local economy.

Through support from the Rural Economic Development Program, Vidir Bins is retrofitting the former Imperial Tobacco plant in Aylmer into a modern manufacturing facility that will produce a patented vertical storage bin for use by the agricultural and food processing sectors. The manufactured bins will be capable of storing bulk items such as livestock feed, fertilizer and food processing inputs.

This new facility will create up to 20 production jobs immediately and an additional 35 manufacturing, sales, distribution and management positions over the next five years. 

A strong agri-food industry is part of the Open Ontario plan to create jobs and opportunities that will boost the province's economy.

Quick Facts

  • The Rural Economic Development Program invested $608,000 in this new facility.
  • Ontario's food processing industry was the third largest employer of its kind in North America in 2008. The industry generated $32.3 billion in revenue from goods manufactured in Ontario in 2007.
  • Since 2003, Ontario has invested nearly $104 million in 285 projects through the Rural Economic Development Program and generated more than $781 million in new economic activity.

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“As part of the five-year Open Ontario plan, our government is partnering with agriculture businesses to help them succeed. This investment will help Vidir Bins create and promote their unique made-in-Ontario products, and support the local economy.”

Carol Mitchell

Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

“By locating this facility in Aylmer, within a day's drive of an enormous market, gives us a strong, competitive edge. With this provincial support, we can move forward with our plans to open in the spring.”

Herbert Hildebrandt

Manager, Vidir Bins Incorporated

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