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Bringing Brant and Six Nations of the Grand River Online

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Bringing Brant and Six Nations of the Grand River Online

McGuinty Government Helps Families Get Access to High-Speed Internet

High-speed Internet will soon be delivered to Brant County and Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, better connecting families and the community to new opportunities for economic growth.

With support from Ontario's Rural Connections Broadband Program, this project will provide 15,580 residents, 1,200 local businesses and many public institutions with the infrastructure needed to access high-speed Internet by April 2012.

This will enable the local business community to fully participate in the digital economy, improve public access to online services, and help citizens access economic and social development opportunities.

Investing in local broadband infrastructure is part of the Open Ontario Plan to create jobs and opportunities for rural Ontario.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario is providing up to $806,010 to Brant County and Six Nations of the Grand River Territory through the Rural Connections Broadband Program. An additional $100,000 is being contributed by the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs.
  • Since 2007, more than 250,000 rural Ontarians have access to a high-speed network, and that number will grow to one million once all projects are completed.
  • Broadband combines telecommunications infrastructure and service to deliver more Internet information at speeds far greater than dial-up service.

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“The McGuinty government is working to build partnerships that help bring vital health, education and business services to Ontarians living in rural and remote communities. We are proud to invest in projects that support our province's economy and help our rural communities prosper.”

Carol Mitchell

Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

“Broadband Internet access will help Six Nations members participate in the digital economy and access new social and educational opportunities. That's good for Six Nations and good for Ontario.”

Chris Bentley

Minister of Aboriginal Affairs

“This is an important step for Brant County and Six Nations of the Grand River. The construction of a broadband network will help to expand and improve local businesses and their services, connect family and friends to one another, and help boost our region's economy.”

Dave Levac

MPP, Brant

“The Council of the County of Brant appreciates this announcement of funding from the Province of Ontario because it will facilitate the availability of broadband internet to all of our citizens and businesses. The provision of this service is essential for a modern, informed society.”

Ron Eddy

Mayor, County of Brant

“We are in the middle of the most developed part of Canada yet we are still on dial-up. It's time we had access to high-speed Internet.”

William Montour

Chief, Six Nations of the Grand River Territory

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