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Protecting Brant County Family Farms

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Protecting Brant County Family Farms

McGuinty Government Risk Management Program Biggest Policy Change in 30 Years

Farmers in Brant County can now count on stable financial support that will help protect family farms and ensure Ontarians continue to enjoy local healthy food.

In the 2011 provincial budget, Ontario committed to providing risk management programs to support farmers when prices for their products fluctuate due to unpredictable factors like weather and global market changes. The province will introduce new risk management programs for cattle, hog and sheep farmers and will also make the risk management program for grain and oilseed farmers permanent.

The Province will also provide a self-directed risk management program for the edible horticulture sector.

Ontarians are eating more of the healthy food grown by Ontario farmers, processed in the province and sold by local retailers. When Brant County farmers thrive, Ontarians taste it at the dinner table.

A strong agri-food industry is part of the five-year Open Ontario Plan to create jobs and opportunities that will boost the province's economy.

Quick Facts

  • Brant County farmers produce many of the good things that grow in Ontario, including dairy cattle, market vegetables and ginseng.
  • Ontario's agri-food industry contributes $30 billion to the provincial economy every year and provides jobs for 700,000 people.
  • There are nearly 60,000 farms in Ontario and each farmer produces enough food to feed 120 people every year.

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“We've had and will continue to have a strong, honest, and open dialogue with Ontario farmers on how to build a stronger and more prosperous future for agriculture in our province. With these new programs, Ontario farmers will have the predictability, bankability and stability they need to stay on the land and continue to provide us with the good things that grow in Ontario.”

Carol Mitchell

Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

“Risk Management will help build a prosperous food industry and a strong foundation for nutritious local foods in Brant. We're giving local farmers stability they can count on - but we're also supporting rural communities, growing local economies, and saving and creating jobs.”

Dave Levac

MPP Brant

“I want to thank Minister Mitchell for the great news she's bringing to farmers in Brant County. Risk Management ensures our farms are stable and our agri-food industry can grow through unpredictable challenges. This truly is support our farmers can count on.”

Sandra Vos

President, Brant County, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

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