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Quebec-Ontario Trade and Cooperation Agreement - 2011

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Quebec-Ontario Trade and Cooperation Agreement - 2011

Ontario And Quebec Collaboration To Strengthen Agriculture And Food Sectors

Hon. Carol Mitchell, Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and Hon. Pierre Corbeil, Quebec Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, met today to discuss ongoing bilateral cooperation between their governments to promote agri-food sector competitiveness.

The two ministers reviewed progress on last year's initiatives, which included significant collaborative activity in the areas of scientific research cooperation and innovation.  Officials from Ontario and Quebec also worked closely in preparing for SIAL Toronto, a premier international trade show taking place in Toronto from May 11-13, 2011.

"SIAL Toronto exemplifies what our two provinces can accomplish by working together," stated Minister Mitchell.  "I am honoured that Toronto is hosting this showcase event this year for the first time, offering significant profile to food exporting companies from both Ontario and Quebec." 

For the coming year, the two ministers committed to working with the dairy industry on areas of common interest, and confirmed the ongoing importance of supporting Canada's supply management systems in international trade agreements. 

Ontario and Quebec will also press for federal government recognition regarding provincial flexibility in the development of Growing Forward 2, the new federal-provincial-territorial agricultural policy framework.  

"Our two governments share key common interests which we can mobilize at the FPT table to better represent our rich and diverse industry interests," stated Minister Corbeil.  "It is important that the unique needs of our industries are accounted for in federal initiatives." 

As part of the Quebec-Ontario Trade and Cooperation Agreement, the two agriculture ministers meet annually to consider initiatives that help promote the competitive position of their respective agri-food sectors.  These bilateral meetings are scheduled in parallel to SIAL, which alternates locations between Montréal and Toronto and traditionally takes place in early May of each year. 

Quick Facts

  • The combined farm gate value of Ontario and Quebec production is valued at approximately $17.2 billion annually, or 39% of the national total. The two provinces' combined food processing sectors represents just over 64% of the total Canadian output.
  • Quebec and Ontario together represent over 65% of supply-managed production (dairy, poultry and eggs) in Canada.
  • In September 2009, Quebec and Ontario Premiers signed the Ontario-Quebec Trade and Cooperation Agreement. The agreement between Quebec and Ontario establishes commitments in cooperation, regulatory harmonization and innovation.

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