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Delivering Stability And Predictability For Farmers

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Delivering Stability And Predictability For Farmers

McGuinty Government Protecting Family Farms

Starting this fall, Ontario farmers will benefit from new stability and predictability that will help protect their farms and ensure Ontario families continue to enjoy healthy local food.

Farmers will be able to apply for support through the new Risk Management Program - a first of its kind in Ontario. The program, working like insurance, helps grains and oilseeds, cattle, hog, veal and sheep farmers manage risks beyond their control, such as fluctuating costs and volatile market prices.  

Ontario is also providing a self-directed risk management program for the edible horticulture sector.

A strong agri-food industry is part of the McGuinty government's plan to create jobs and opportunities that will grow the province's economy.

Quick Facts

  • Premiums are waived for the program's 2011 transition year.
  • Program applications for grains and oilseeds farmers will be available in August and the rest of the programs in the fall.
  • Ontario's agri-food industry contributes $33 billion to the provincial economy every year and provides jobs for 700,000 people.
  • There are nearly 60,000 farms in Ontario and each farmer produces enough food to feed 120 people every year
  • Ontario has the most diversified agricultural industry in the country, producing more than 200 commodities.

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“We've delivered on our promise to Ontario's farmers and worked with them to create a made-in-Ontario program by farmers, for farmers. The risk management program will give them the predictability and stability they need to stay on the land and continue to provide us with the good things that grow in Ontario.”

Carol Mitchell

Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

“Ontarians have always been able to count on our farmers for the best food in the world. In turn, now all Ontarians are supporting our farmers and ensuring renewed growth of our local rural economy. Risk Management will help build a more prosperous food industry and an even stronger foundation for nutritious local foods in Ontario.”

John Wilkinson

MPP Perth-Wellington

“The Risk Management Program promises to be an effective tool for Ontario farmers to reduce farm market price volatility. The Ontario government's acceptance and commitment to underwriting farm market price risk is a huge accomplishment for Ontario agriculture and signals recognition for the value to all Ontarians of a viable agricultural industry.”

Bette Jean Crews

Chair, Ontario Agricultural Sustainability Coalition and President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

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