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Supporting Ontario Horse Breeders

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Supporting Ontario Horse Breeders

Ontario Government Committed to Sustainable Horse Racing Industry

Ontario is extending its support of the Horse Improvement Program into 2015 to encourage the breeding of quality Ontario racehorses. 

Up to $30 million will be made available through the program in each of the next two years to support the racehorse breeding sector and invest in equine research. This is in keeping with the recommendations made by the Horse Racing Industry Transition Panel after hundreds of hours of consultation with stakeholders. This will boost support for Ontario-bred horses and enable breeders to continue to invest in the horse racing industry.

Committing to a sustainable future for the horse racing industry and the integration of horse racing into the province's broader gaming strategy is part of the new Ontario government's plan to create jobs and help people with their everyday lives.

Quick Facts

  • The Ontario government is providing transition funding for 12 racetracks.
  • The Ontario Racing Commission has issued the 2013 Racing Calendar.
  • Starting June 21, the transition panel will begin consultations with stakeholders on creating a more sustainable horse racing industry in Ontario, including integrating horse racing into the province’s gaming strategy. The final plan is due in October 2013.

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“Continuing to invest in this forward-looking program gives the horse racing and breeding industry confidence there will be a future here for Ontario-bred racehorses.”

Kathleen Wynne

Premier and Minister of Agriculture and Food

“This is great news for Ontario-bred weanlings and yearlings and a strong encouragement for breeders in rural Ontario who are building on a legacy of great racehorses.”

John Snobelen

Horse Racing Industry Transition Panel

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