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Ontario Local Food Fund Recipients

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Ontario Local Food Fund Recipients

Ontario's Local Food Fund is supporting innovative local food projects that create jobs, increase sales and stimulate new investment while also celebrating local food. It is part of the province's broader strategy to increase awareness of and demand for food that is grown, harvested and made in Ontario.

The following projects are being supported through the first and second intakes of the Ontario Local Food Fund:

Bruce County - South Bruce

Hoity Toity Cellars Inc. will receive $17,500 to help redesign their website, expand their online store and create promotional videos to market their "Outer Limits" wines, Ontario craft cider and new grape-based craft ciders. 

Bruce County - Municipality of Brockton

The Grey-Bruce Pork Producers Association will receive $3,375 to develop a one-stop information website that will provide real-time information on the availability of local pork products. 

Dufferin County - Town of Mono

The Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington will receive $44,645 to offer hands-on, curriculum-linked farm trip workshops for children and provide a fresh produce buying service through the Garden Fresh Box program.

Durham Region - Regional Municipality of Durham

Ontario Mushroom Farms will receive $4,149,064 to support the construction of an innovative new facility that will remove odours from the composting process. The project will involve staff training and include tours and industry information sessions to share best practices.  

Elgin County - Municipality of Central Elgin

Elgin County will receive $40,000 to attract more tourists by promoting their Savour Elgin agri-tourism program and developing a culinary guide for the LCBO's Food and Drink magazine. 

Elgin County - Municipality of West Elgin

The Arts and Cookery Bank, a not-for-profit organization based in Elgin County, will receive $12,500 to help research and develop a business plan for an e-commerce marketplace that will offer signature locally produced products. 

Essex County - Municipality of Leamington

The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers will receive $200,000 to promote the year-round availability of their cucumbers through in-store sampling programs, point-of-sales materials, broadcast and billboard advertising, and social media campaigns. 

Essex County - Municipality of Leamington

The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers will receive $360,000 to help greenhouse vegetable growers in the Leamington region develop a promotional campaign raising consumer awareness of the great variety of home grown vegetables available at the beginning of the growing season. 

Frontenac County, City of Kingston

Jessup Food and Heritage, Ltd. will receive $72,180 to support the creation of a regional wine tasting centre in Fort Henry, helping to promote tourism and educate visitors about more than 30 wineries located in eastern Ontario. 

Grey County - Town of Hanover

MacLean's Ales will receive $472,780 to build a new state-of-the-art brewing facility to increase production and grow the customer base for its products, made with local hops, malt and barley. 

Haliburton County - Township of Minden Hills

The County of Haliburton will receive $14,000 to research and develop a detailed culinary tourism action plan that will involve consultations and a mapping assessment to capture regional food and culinary tourism attractions.  

Haliburton County - Township of Minden Hills

Boshkung Brewing Company will receive $111,500 to help expand its existing premises, retrofit the facility with craft brewing equipment and host a local farmers' market. 

Hamilton Region - City of Hamilton

Mustard Seed Cooperative Grocery will receive $117,603 to helpsource, promote and educate consumers about local and seasonal food. It will create in-store promotions, develop menus and hold classes that focus on local food. 

Hamilton Region - City of Hamilton

Ojo Eat Local will receive $66,000 to establish an emporium and canning kitchen to preserve excess produce. It will include storage, a retail shop, and outdoor farm market stalls and will serve as an innovative hub to teach students and consumers about local food preservation.

Hamilton Region - City of Hamilton

Denninger's Retail Store will receive $137,718 to renovate its original location in downtown Hamilton with new refrigeration, shelving and display areas. The addition of new ovens, grills, and hot and cold food lines will make more local food products available to consumers. 

Hastings County - Municipality of Tweed

Enright Cattle Company will receive $13,500 to revamp its website and create menu tags, decals, patio banners and trade show displays to promote its beef to restaurants and consumers. 

Huron County - Municipality of South Huron

Exeter Produce and Storage Company Limited, a family operated fresh produce grower and distributor, will receive $119,856 to develop a re-sealable bag for its Ontario green beans, ensuring that the produce is fresh, safe, convenient and easily identified as local food by consumers.

Kawartha Lakes County - City of Kawartha Lakes 

The City of Kawartha Lakes will receive $26,379 to hire a food system development coordinator to develop and run a series of networking and training opportunities, particularly in the areas of workforce development, and to conduct a feasibility study for a local food hub. 

Lambton County - Municipality of Lambton Shores

Ryan's Sweet Maple will receive $25,455 to buy and install innovative technology that will increase their maple production from about .75 litres per tree to 1.5 litres.  

Leeds & Grenville County - City of Brockville

Halls' Apple Market will receive $82,750 to source products from up to 15 local farms so that families coming to pick apples and pumpkins will also have a variety of locally-produced food products to choose from, including quality homemade meals they can take home. 

Leeds & Grenville County - Separated Town of Gananoque

Gananoque Brewing Company will receive $111,000 to organize and promote a month long Harvest Festival starting in late August, which will feature  brewery, winery and farms tours, hop picking, mill visits and a country market. The festival will attract visitors, boost tourism and strengthen the market for local food and beverages.

Niagara Region - Town of Lincoln

Hipple Farms will receive $6,000 to help increase its cold storage capacity and better market and promote its fruit and grapes to consumers.  

Niagara Region - Town of Lincoln

Ontario Tender Fruit Producers' Marketing Board will receive $317,575 for a marketing campaign to promote local fruit through online contests, advertising and in-store sampling. Funding will also support networking events for retailers, growers and marketers to discuss new ideas to promote local food. 

Niagara Region - Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake

Niagara Fruit and Vegetable Growers Ltd. will receive $17,650 to acquire new and improved cooling and refrigeration equipment to ensure that tender fruit from the Niagara region stays fresh longer for consumers. 

Norfolk County

Nightingale Farms Limited will receive $287,900 to install equipment and train operators for packaging of certain product lines such as beans, peas, okra, organic peppers and zucchini. 

Norfolk County

Norfolk Cherry Company Limited will receive $190,885 to retrofit its facility with new packaging technology and enhanced cooling capacity to meet growers' processing and packaging needs and ensure that consumers have access to locally-grown and processed fruit. 

Norfolk County

The Norfolk Fruit Growers' Association will receive $32,187 to introduce the new "Ambrosia" apple variety to consumers by developing informative kits and digital media and in-store sampling campaigns.  

Northumberland County - Town of Colborne

The County of Northumberland will receive $490,000 to develop the Ontario Agri-food Venture Centre, an agri-food incubator and niche food processing facility. The centre will rent out cooking, chilling, freezing, packaging and labelling equipment, provide access to cold and dry storage space, and offer on-site business support services to producers.   

Ottawa Region - City of Ottawa

Bradley Wright will receive $33,500 to help an Ottawa-Carleton farm grow local vegetable varieties well beyond the traditional growing season for this region. The project will integrate a number of innovative practices and processes, including greenhouses that use heating and water conservation methods to save energy, increase efficiencies and maximize productivity.  

Oxford County -Township of East Zorra-Tavistock

Ken R. Mogk Custom Killing, a provincially licensed abattoir, will receive $90,612 to expand its capacity, to meet farmers' needs and increase the amount of locally processed cured and smoked meats available to consumers. The funding will support structural modifications and the acquisition of a new smoker and cooler. 

Parry Sound District - Town of Parry Sound

Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve Inc. will receive $8,744 to host a food forum and farm tour that will bring Parry Sound area producers and consumers together, create a local food directory, and help local food organizations develop a food buying policy. 

Peel Region - City of Mississauga

Ecosource Mississauga will receive $138,431 to improve access to local food in schools and make food literacy part of school programming through regional school food action hubs across the province. 

Peel Region - City of Mississauga

Ontario Federation of Food Cooperatives and Clubs will receive $73,492 to host a series of regional forums on local organic food co-ops and regional food hubs and support four targeted regional food co-ops with business planning, leadership and governance training.  

Peel Region - Regional Municipality of Peel

Kataria Foods International Inc. will receive$127,750 to market their ready-to-use Indian cooking sauces through trade shows, in-store samplings, a redesigned website and television advertisements. 

Perth County - City of Stratford

Monforte Dairy Company Inc. will receive $51,725 to develop a curriculum and run an eight-week training session that will serve as the prototype to establish a cheese making school. 

Perth County - Municipality of West Perth

Full of Beans, a bean processor, will receive $10,723 to purchase an automatic bagging system to process gluten free flour from beans and help market its products at trade shows.

Perth County - Township of Perth East

Walnut Hill Farm will receive $103,150 to buy automated meat slicing, portioning and packaging machinery and install a modern compressor and hydro upgrades to help the farm provide more quality meat products to consumers.

Simcoe County - City of Barrie

Green Valley Farms Inc. will receive $22,500 to enhance its delivery van with refrigeration and local food advertisements and establish an online "virtual farmers market" that will promote and sell farmers' products. 

Simcoe County - City of Barrie

Simcoe County Farm Fresh Marketing Association Non-Profit Inc. will receive $30,000 to develop a marketing plan, create video vignettes, develop local food experience packages and work with organizers of area events and attractions to encourage the incorporation of local food.

Simcoe County - Township of Essa

Cookstown Greens Inc. will receive $25,300 to develop a certified local organic fruit and vegetable production system and expand into new markets. The company will also plan marketing, promotion and education activities and enhance its website to offer online ordering.

Simcoe County - Town of New Tecumseth

AlbaLisa Gourmet Food will receive $24,500 to help create a new flour tortilla production line, increase take-out space, and research local corn varieties suitable for tortilla production to ensure that all ingredients of their all natural corn tortillas can be sourced in Ontario.   

Sudbury Region - City of Greater Sudbury

Penokean Hills Farms Inc. will receive $248,400 towards their capacity expansion and traceability project, to help retrofit existing buildings in Sudbury and Echo Bay with freezer storage, purchase a freezer trailer for transporting product, and upgrade traceability technology to better track meat products from farm to fork.

Thunder Bay District - City of Thunder Bay

The Federation of Ontario Naturalists will receive $190,072 for their Forage North project to enhance harvesting and production capacity of forest and freshwater foods, and ensure that edible wild plants are identifiable and more widely available to consumers. The project will also foster the long- term sustainability of supporting ecosystems.  

Toronto Region - City of Toronto

Bucephalus Stables Inc. will receive $120,000 to help a small craft brewery in Toronto, Indie Alehouse, develop a new series of barrel-aged beers using fresh, all natural local fruits and local Niagara wine barrels. The Alehouse will retrofit an existing brewing area to build a cold room, develop a marketing campaign and undertake lab testing and research on local wild yeasts.

Toronto Region - City of Toronto

Cariporter Inc., an organization made up of professional organic farmers, will receive $6,950 to develop an online store and create promotional videos showcasing Ontario's organic food products. 

Toronto Region - City of Toronto

Food Forward Advocacy Alliance will receive $14,350 to research, develop and distribute a kitchen rental guide for local food entrepreneurs, create a commercial kitchen network and encourage the use of local food. 

Toronto Region - City of Toronto

Fresh City Farms, Inc. will receive $102,800 to help three partner organizations share a 10,000- square-foot warehouse space in Toronto and purchase and deliver products from small-scale producers and processors in the Golden Horseshoe area. The project will bring together Fresh City Farms, Inc., a city farm with a year-round 1,200-members strong delivery program; 100 km Foods Inc., an award-winning distributor of local foods; and Stasis Preserves, a preserves' maker for wholesale and retail markets.

Toronto Region - City of Toronto

Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation will receive $136,150 to launch their Farmers' Market Network project, which includes supporting 30 "local food celebrations" events hosting food sampling, demonstrations, children's activities, and educational programming on local agriculture, food and nutrition; and improving their website. 

Toronto Region - City of Toronto

The Great Ontario Food Company Inc. will receive $10,000 to create a local media awareness campaign to promote and market its "Ontario's own" brand of food products such as purees, stocks and preserves.

Toronto Region - City of Toronto

Life Choices Natural Food Corporation will receive $53,250 to promote itslocal grass- fed and fruit- finished beef burgers and hot dogs through print advertising, in-store flyers, demonstrations and newly designed packaging. 

Toronto Region - City of Toronto

Pasta Quistini Inc. will receive $142,500 to introduce two new production lines - "Flavours of Ontario" and "Ontario Eats" - and work with farmers to source and convert as many ingredients as possible in their existing frozen entrée product lines. 

Toronto Region - City of Toronto

Stonemill Bakehouse Ltd. will receive $147,000 to market and expand distribution of its Prince Edward County Rye Bread in Ontario, increase the use of rye grown in Prince Edward County in its other breads, and strengthen its supply chain with Ontario farms.

Toronto Region - City of Toronto

The Toronto Garlic Festival will receive $44,675 to support its annual festival, which will bring more farmers to the city to sell their garlic and educate consumers about the different varieties that are grown in the province. 

Toronto Region - City of Toronto (Head Office)

Peterborough County (Producer Partners)

Yorkshire Valley Farms Ltd. will receive $119,000 to promote their organic poultry products through an in-store promotion and sampling program and a promotional vehicle. 

Waterloo Region - City of Kitchener

J. Steckle Heritage Homestead will receive$14,021 to retrofit their existing kitchen and improve their building's interior with heating and insulation to allow it to host year-round cooking and gardening classes in collaboration with their local neighbourhood association. 

Wellington County - City of Guelph

The County of Wellington will receive $21,000 to develop information materials, organize a local food harvest celebration, create a local food video series and host online marketing and networking workshops for local agri-food businesses.

Wellington County - City of Guelph

Farm Start will receive $163,568 to pilot a training program for new Canadians in vegetable crop or livestock production, marketing and business development.

Wellington County - City of Guelph

The Organic Council of Ontario will receive $30,000 to help connect organic producers with retailers, build a local and organic food fair retail program, and develop a video promoting organic foods to consumers. 

Wellington County - Town of Minto

Reroot Organic will receive $7,100 to retrofit and improve the farm's handling, storage and freezer areas to help the on-farm store market its own products and those from neighbouring farms.

Wellington County - Township of Centre Wellington

Doug and Cecilia Cassie will receive $29,250 buy and install new machinery, renovate their sugar house, secure bulk storage and develop a branded label to help them to expand production and market their maple candy, sugars and jelly products. 

Wellington County - Township of Centre Wellington

Kitchen in the Park Project Elora will receive $1,182 to help complete a community project to convert the KIPPelora shed in Bissell Park into a certified working kitchen. 

York Region - City of Vaughan

P.S. Infinity Holding Corporation will receive $127,437 to help promote their locally-produced U-Be-Livin-Smart nutrient-dense foods through marketing, point-of-sale promotions and online channels.  

York Region - Town of Aurora

Windfall Ecology Centre will receive $35,343 to help expand, market and program its two-day Windfall Local Food Fiesta by hiring a local food program coordinator, bringing in celebrity chefs, enhancing their mobile kitchen theatre, and hosting culinary demonstrations under an additional tent housing up to 150 people. 

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