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Growing More Local Food Opportunities Together

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Growing More Local Food Opportunities Together

Government Supports Province’s Pork Industry

Ontario is supporting marketing efforts to encourage more consumers to eat and purchase Ontario pork.

The province will provide Ontario Pork with up to $2 million to support marketing and promotional activities encouraging more people to choose local Ontario pork wherever they eat or shop. This supports Ontario's local food strategy helping to make more local food available in the province's markets, schools, cafeterias, grocery stores and restaurants. Investing in local food generates greater economic activity and creates more jobs in Ontario's agri-food industry.

Promoting local food is part of the government's economic plan for Ontario. The four part plan is building Ontario up by investing in people's talents and skills, building new public infrastructure like roads and transit, creating a dynamic, supportive environment where business thrives and building a secure savings plan so everyone can afford to retire.

Quick Facts

  • Since 2003, the province has invested more than $140 million to support sales of Ontario foods.
  • In 2013, about 2,500 Ontario farms producing hogs contributed $1.04 billion to Ontario’s farm cash receipts.
  • The agriculture and food sector in Ontario, from farm to fork, contributes more than $34 billion to the provincial economy and employs more than 760,000 people.

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“Buying and eating local is one of the most important ways we can support our economy and our hardworking farmers. Through this investment, our government is helping to build greater recognition and awareness of the excellent, healthy local products available to Ontarians each and every day.”

Jeff Leal

Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

“On behalf of Ontario’s pork producers, we truly appreciate the government’s support for our branding efforts. Being able to identify our local pork products at retail is critical to the sustainability of our domestic industry. By working with our value chain partners from processors, to retailers and food service operators, consumers can be assured that the pork they are purchasing is fresh, local and from family farms.”

Amy Cronin

Chair, Ontario Pork

“Farmboy Markets is a strong supporter of Ontario-branded products and we were excited by the prospect of being able to promote Ontario Pork through its new label program. This branding strategy has had a noticeable positive impact on our sales volume and our customers appreciate being able to identify local pork.”

Rick Strano

Owner, Farmboy Markets Ltd., Peterborough

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