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Ontario's Renewed Wine and Grape Strategy

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Ontario's Renewed Wine and Grape Strategy

In 2013, Ontario announced a $75 million commitment, over five years, to support growth in the wine and grape sector as part of the renewed Wine and Grape Strategy, starting in 2015-16.

The Ontario Wine and Grape Strategy will support the province's wine and grape sector by:

  • Improving consumer access to Ontario wines
  • Increasing the sales of Ontario wine and grapes in and out-of-province
  • Building tourism in the province's wine regions
  • Creating jobs

To help achieve those goals set out in the Ontario Wine and Grape Strategy, two programs have been designed to support the sector:

The new Marketing and Vineyard Improvement Program (MVIP) will:

  • Help stimulate the sale of Ontario wines in and out-of-province
  • Enhance the marketing of Ontario's wine regions as tourist destinations
  • Support vineyards as they make improvements to their production of wine and grapes and, including the purchase of new machinery and equipment or  new technology
  • Focus on key research and innovation development projects such as viticulture research related to grape diseases and pests
  • Combine a number of supports previously provided through the Vineyard Improvement Program (OVIP) and the VQA Wine Marketing program

The renewed VQA Wine Support Program will:

  • Continue to encourage the sale of premium Ontario VQA wines in the LCBO
  • Provide incentives for wineries to increase investment in productivity, innovation, tourism and export development
  • Build on feedback provided by the sector to the previous program, established in 2006

The two programs will be overseen by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and delivered in collaboration with a number of partner organizations, including Agricorp.

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