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Ontario Expanding Eligibility for Agricultural Insurance Program

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Ontario Expanding Eligibility for Agricultural Insurance Program

New Legislation Passes to Help Protect the Agri-Food Industry

Today Ontario passed the Agriculture Insurance Act, 2014 which will allow more types of agricultural products to be covered by the province's production insurance program.

Production insurance is part of a suite of business risk management programs designed to help farmers manage losses due to events beyond their control, such as weather, pests and disease. While production insurance is currently available for almost 90 commercially grown crops in Ontario, including grains, oilseeds and certain fruits and vegetables, the new legislation will expand eligibility for the production insurance program for more agricultural products.

The new legislation will help agri-food producers better manage risk, as well as encourage greater innovation, profitability and job creation in the agri-food sector. It will also help agri-food producers achieve the financial security they need to support business expansion and meet the Premier's challenge to the sector to double its growth rate and create 120,000 jobs by 2020.

Expanding the types of products eligible for production insurance and strengthening the agri-food industry is part of the government's plan to build Ontario up. The four-part plan includes investing in people's talents and skills, making the largest investment in public infrastructure in Ontario's history, creating a dynamic, innovative environment where business thrives and building a secure retirement savings plan.

Quick Facts

  • The Agriculture Insurance Act, 2015 will give the province more flexibility to work with industry partners to develop potential future production insurance plans for more sectors like apiculture and pork.
  • In 2013, there were more than 14,000 producers insured under Ontario’s Production Insurance program, representing more than five million acres in crop land.
  • By allowing more types of products to be covered by production insurance, Ontario is fulfilling a commitment made to farmers under the Growing Forward 2 agreement in 2013.

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Jeff Leal

“Our government is pleased to give a broader range of producers the opportunity to access production insurance. This legislation will enable producers to manage the multitude of risks they face every day. Ontario is a leader in risk management because tools like production insurance give our farmers the protection they need to safeguard their investments, grow their farms and help meet the Premier’s Agri-Food Growth Challenge.”

Jeff Leal

Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

“I would like to express our strong support of Bill 40 and commend the government for taking action on this important issue. Broadening the scope of production insurance beyond crops is an important piece in supporting a positive business environment for the livestock industry in Ontario. Production insurance can be instrumental in providing stability against risks that are beyond the control of pork farmers.”

Amy Cronin

Chair, Ontario Pork

“The livestock community welcomes the passing of Bill 40 and expanding insurance to a broader segment of Ontario’s farming community. The risk management delivered by this insurance program helps encourage more farm families to invest and grow their businesses and help Ontario prosper.”

Lorne Small

President, Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario

“The passage of Bill 40 is an encouraging step forward for producers across Ontario. A broader range of farmers can now work in partnership with the government to discuss programs that target production issues they are facing. Risk management is top of mind for Ontario sheep producers and this legislation enables discussion around adding to our risk management toolbox.”

Dennis Fischer

Chair, Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency

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