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Little Britain Man Fined under Food Safety, Animal Health and Welfare Legislation

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Little Britain Man Fined under Food Safety, Animal Health and Welfare Legislation

A man from Little Britain, Ontario pleaded guilty and was fined $2,000 plus a $500 Victim Fine Surcharge for violating provincial food safety and animal health and welfare laws.

On November 25, 2016, Allan Stirling, pleaded guilty at the Provincial Offences Court in Lindsay, Ontario to one count of removing a food animal from a licensed meat plant without Regional Veterinarian approval. Removing a food animal from a licensed meat plant or abattoir requires approval of a regional veterinarian to help prevent the transmission of disease. Disease transmission can impact food safety and animal welfare. This is in violation of section 62(1) of Ontario Regulation 31/05 (Meat) under the Food Safety and Quality Act, 2001.

On September 22, 2016 the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs was notified that cattle had been removed from Little Britain Meat Packers, a licensed meat plant in Little Britain, without regional veterinarian approval. The matter was referred to the Ministry's Agriculture Investigations Unit.

The investigation revealed that on September 21, 2016, Mr. Stirling brought two beef cattle for slaughter to Little Britain Meat Packers. The next day, Mr. Stirling was informed that the cattle had not yet been processed. Mr. Stirling made a request to the Regional Veterinarian, Dr. Smith to remove the cattle, however the request was denied. Mr. Stirling was advised that the request would be reconsidered if Mr. Stirling made arrangements for the cattle to go directly to another licensed plant for slaughter. Later that evening, Mr. Stirling attended the licensed meat plant and personally removed the two cattle without the approval of the regional veterinarian.

The court ordered Mr. Stirling to pay a fine of $2,000, plus a Victim Fine Surcharge of $500, for a total of $2,500.

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Anyone with information regarding potential violations of provincial food and inspection legislation is asked to contact the OMAFRA Regulatory Compliance Unit at (519) 826-4537 or toll-free at 1-888-466-2372 ext. 5198264537.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario is a leader in food safety and meat inspection. The province's meat regulation is part of Ontario's food safety system and contains high standards for the protection of consumers and welfare of animals.
  • Provincially licensed meat plants are an important checkpoint for the detection and control of animal diseases.
  • Penalties for an individual convicted of a provincial offence under this Act may include: a fine of up to $25,000 for a first conviction and up to $50,000 for each subsequent conviction (for each day or part of a day on which the offence occurs or continues); imprisonment for no more than two years; or both a fine and imprisonment as stated in s. 46 of the Food Safety and Quality Act, 2001.

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