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Supporting Ontario's Next Agriculture Leaders

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Supporting Ontario's Next Agriculture Leaders

Bringing Agri-Food Education to Classrooms Across the Province

Ontario is continuing to support agri-food literacy in elementary and high schools to educate students on topics such as local food and farm innovation, and to highlight career opportunities in the growing agri-food sector.

The province is continuing its partnership with AgScape, an organization dedicated to increasing agri-food literacy in Ontario, which delivers agri-food literacy programming in classrooms across the province. Students learn about food production in Ontario, the links between food, farming and health, and how to get involved and build a successful career in the agri-food industry.

This year, Ontario is also:

  • Expanding the AgScape Teacher Ambassador Program so that more students can access programming
  • Developing additional resources to make it easier for teachers to incorporate learning about agriculture and food in the classroom
  • Hosting Agri-Career Competitions to inspire more youth to pursue careers in agriculture
  • Creating an interactive game that teaches students about how Ontario food gets from farm to table

Supporting the growth of Ontario's innovative agri-food industry is part of our plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.

Quick Facts

  • Over the next three years, Ontario will provide $1.2 million to AgScape.
  • As part of the province's three-year $1.2 million commitment, AgScape will expand its Teacher Ambassador Program, deliver its Agri-Trekking Across Ontario interactive game, host learning events such as Agri-Career Competitions and develop curriculum-linked learning resources.
  • Ontario’s agri-food sector supports nearly 807,000 jobs and contributes more than $37.6 billion towards the province’s Gross Domestic Product.
  • Since 1991 the province has supported AgScape (formerly the Ontario Agri-Food Education Inc.) in providing high-quality, objective and curriculum-linked agriculture and food related learning materials and programming to over a million students throughout Ontario.
  • AgScape programs and learning resources help elementary and secondary students learn more about:
    • Careers in the agri-food sector
    • Local food and healthy eating
    • Food technology and production methods
    • Food security and safety
    • Farm technologies, innovations and biotechnology
    • Agricultural environmental initiatives

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“Our government recognizes how vital Ontario’s agri-food sector is to the well-being of our economy and province. As our sector continues to grow, so do the diverse career opportunities available for our youth to explore. Our government is proud to support organizations like AgScape who are helping equip our students with the skills they need to become Ontario’s next generation of leaders in agriculture”

Jeff Leal

Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

“Now, more than ever, it is critical for students to build on their values, knowledge and understanding of environmental issues and become responsible global citizens. That’s why Ontario offers Specialist High Skills Major programs focused on agriculture. These sector-specific programs enable students to develop knowledge and skills before graduating and entering the next phase of their lives. Ontario's vast and innovative agri-food sector offers many career paths for students.”

Mitzie Hunter

Minister of Education

“AgScape is proud to be Ontario’s Agriculture in the Classroom representative! Food production, processing and distribution are key economic drivers in Ontario, providing many career opportunities. Ontario’s solid legacy of local food production is only sustainable by engaging the next generation to explore these careers!”

Colleen Smith

Executive Director, AgScape

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