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Ontario Meat Industry Engagement Panel


Ontario Meat Industry Engagement Panel

The Meat Industry Engagement Panel will meet quarterly to establish an open, two-way communication channel and relationship between representatives from the meat processing industry and government, building on the current collaborative working relationship with Meat & Poultry Ontario.

The Meat Industry Engagement Panel members are selected based on their experience and interest in contributing to a collaborative working relationship with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and Meat & Poultry Ontario that supports Ontario's meat processing sector in increasing food safety, improving business viability and creating economic growth in the sector.

Membership is representative of the diversity of Ontario's provincially licensed meat plants, including abattoirs, freestanding meat plants, red meat, white meat, Meat & Poultry Ontario members and non-members.

Meat & Poultry Ontario

Formerly operating as the Ontario Independent Meat Processors, Meat & Poultry Ontario has supported businesses in the sector for 40 years on matters relating to regulation, labour and marketing. Members are independent businesses serving communities across the province, involved in every stage of the meat industry from harvesting to retail. The organization helps Ontario's butchers, meat processors and their suppliers connect with markets so they can grow their business. In addition to providing food for Ontario consumers, local butchers are a strong economic driver in urban and rural Ontario.

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