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McGuinty Brings New Ottawa And Brampton Hospitals Into Public Hands

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McGuinty Brings New Ottawa And Brampton Hospitals Into Public Hands

Affirms Commitment to Publicly Owned, Controlled and Accountable Hospitals

Office of the Premier

OTTAWA -- Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and Health Minister George Smitherman announced today that the new Royal Ottawa and William Osler hospitals will be built as publicly owned hospitals, which keeps another major election commitment.

"We opposed the private deals at the Royal Ottawa Hospital and Brampton's William Osler Health Centre. We made a commitment to bring them back under public control. We've kept that commitment," said Premier McGuinty, speaking at the Royal Ottawa Hospital. "Today's announcement means that construction will begin, as scheduled, on two brand new, open and accountable public hospitals."

"The new deal ensures these project agreements will be in full, public view -- unlike the previous agreements."

Under the new agreements:

  • The hospitals will remain in public hands and be owned by their boards

  • The boards will direct all work by the private contractors

  • The agreements will be made public

  • The public will have full access to services at the new hospitals

  • The hospitals are required to report back to the government on the project companies' performance.

"The previous government planned to use these hospitals as dry runs for a provincewide two-tier health care system. We've stopped that plan in its tracks."

Premier McGuinty said the real winners in today's announcement are the communities that will benefit from the new hospitals.

"There was an urgent need in Ottawa and Brampton for new hospitals. I'm pleased that these cities will get the facilities they so badly needed, and that the hospitals reflect our government's commitment to public ownership, control and accountability."

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