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McGuinty Government Protects Victims Of Domestic Violence

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McGuinty Government Protects Victims Of Domestic Violence

MPP Laurel Broten Appointed To Develop Real, Meaningful Reforms

Office of the Premier

QUEEN'S PARK -- Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty today appointed MPP Laurel Broten to develop a package of reforms tackling domestic violence.

"Our government made a commitment to help protect women and children from domestic violence. Today we're taking action," said Premier McGuinty. "I'm pleased to announce that I have asked MPP Laurel Broten to study the best ways we can implement new measures to protect victims and fight domestic violence."

Ms. Broten will work closely with Community and Social Services Minister Sandra Pupatello and other ministers to coordinate policy formation and service delivery in a number of areas.

"We're going to take measures to protect women from abuse," Ms. Broten said.

"For example, right now, there is not enough second-stage housing where women and their children can be safe from abusers. We're going to change that."

Ms. Broten has been a strong advocate for community services and victims of domestic violence. She is past board chair of the Gatehouse, a community-funded centre for survivors of child abuse. Ms. Broten has worked with police services and other stakeholders to expand the Gatehouse services across Canada. She currently serves as Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier.

"There are many people who care deeply about protecting women and children from domestic violence, but they have not had a strong voice in government for the past eight years. Our government values their ideas and we will consult with them to create effective measures," said Premier McGuinty.



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