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A Healthier Start For Ontario's Children

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A Healthier Start For Ontario's Children

McGuinty Government Supporting Physical Activity In Schools

Office of the Premier

MISSISSAUGA -- Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty today said his government is committed to making Ontario's children healthier as he joined in the national launch of the Activ8 program, an initiative that introduces regular physical activity as part of the school day.

"We all want the best for Ontario's children, but a dramatic rise in childhood obesity and a decline in physical activity are putting many of them at risk of serious health problems that could last a lifetime," said Premier McGuinty. "Physical activity in schools is the kind of small step that can make a big impact on the health and wellness of our children."

"We're determined to improve student achievement. And we know that active kids come to the classroom ready to learn and do well."

Developed by Active Healthy Kids Canada, the Activ8 program provides teachers with fun, unique ideas for helping students to get active and exercise for a few minutes each day. As part of its commitment to the health and well-being of Ontario's children and youth, the Ontario government is providing $130,000 to support the delivery of the program within Ontario.

The Premier also highlighted his government's commitment to making further improvements to excellence in education and to promoting healthy lifestyles for Ontarians.

"Our government is working hard to make a real, positive difference by addressing the priorities we ran on, and Ontarians voted for," said Premier McGuinty. "Our province faces a number of challenges, but we'll continue making the improvements that add up to a big difference -- and we'll do that by working together."



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