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McGuinty Government Investing In Early Childhood Development

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McGuinty Government Investing In Early Childhood Development

Premier Encourages Ontarians To Help Tackle The Deficit And Set Goals

Office of the Premier

HAMILTON -- Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty today said that his government is committed to improving important services like early childhood development and that strengthening the province's fiscal foundation will make it possible to deliver real, positive change.

"After years of neglect, our government is repairing the foundation for child care because we believe the early years are crucial to a child's future success," said Premier McGuinty. "Early childhood development is also an important part of our plan to build a stronger society and stronger economy."

Premier McGuinty made his comments after visiting the Helen Detwiler Children's Centre. The government is making $9.7 million in federal funds available to child care centres throughout the province, including $877,500 allocated to the Hamilton-Niagara region. The funding will pay for much-needed improvements, repairs and equipment.

"There's so much more we want to do -- and that's why we're working hard to tackle the $5.6 billion deficit that we've inherited from the previous government. It's an obstacle to the change Ontarians want and need."

The Premier emphasized the need to redesign government so that the province can continue improving services and encouraged Ontarians to participate in upcoming consultations on the Budget.

"We'll be launching an important conversation with the people of Ontario and we need their best advice, ideas and support as we turn difficult choices into wise decisions," said Premier McGuinty. "We can only do that by working together."



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