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McGuinty Calls For Increased Provincial-Territorial Cooperation

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McGuinty Calls For Increased Provincial-Territorial Cooperation

Office of the Premier

TORONTO -- Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty will use tomorrow's meeting of the Council of the Federation in Vancouver to build a stronger partnership among provinces and territories, and work toward improving services for all Canadians.

"I'm looking forward to a constructive meeting," said Premier McGuinty. "Canadians want us to succeed."

The Council of the Federation is a new institution. It is intended to be a forum where provinces and territories can work together to address issues of common interest. Since signing the Council's founding agreement in December in Charlottetown, progress has been made on several issues.

While health care sustainability and reform remain important priorities for Ontario, internal trade, public health and wellness, and engaging young Canadians in public life will likely also be discussed.

"I want to see provinces and territories cooperate and move forward on these important issues," Premier McGuinty said.