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McGuinty Government Tackling Nursing Shortage

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McGuinty Government Tackling Nursing Shortage

Better Working Conditions, Full-Time Jobs For Nurses Will Mean Improved Patient Care

Office of the Premier

TORONTO -- Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty today said his government is improving patient care in Ontario by investing in more full-time jobs and better working conditions for nurses.

"Nurses play an important role in ensuring that we protect Ontario's most precious resource -- the health of our people," Premier McGuinty said.

"So we must tackle the nursing shortage. An important step is improving working conditions for the nurses we have now, and creating more full-time jobs for nurses in hospitals so we can retain them and attract others."

The McGuinty government has told Ontario hospitals that an additional $50 million in funding must be targeted at nursing. The funds will be used to create full-time positions and enhance working conditions for nurses. They will help purchase new equipment that improves the safety of nurses and patients, promote professional development and support roles such as nursing educators and nursing managers.

"Our government is delivering real, positive change in health care by making the system more responsive to patients and more accountable to taxpayers," Premier McGuinty told an Ontario Nurses' Association meeting.

"We're linking funding to the results that Ontarians want and need -- and that includes improved nursing care."

In return for future funding, hospitals will have to sign performance agreements that spell out the results to be delivered for patients.

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