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Strengthening The Ontario-Quebec Relationship

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Strengthening The Ontario-Quebec Relationship

McGuinty And Charest Commit To Closer Cooperation On Key Priorities

Office of the Premier

TORONTO -- Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and Quebec Premier Jean Charest today said their governments will cooperate more closely on shared priorities to build a higher quality of life for their citizens.

The Ontario--Quebec initiative will begin by focusing on health care, transportation, the environment, natural resources, tourism and public security. It will include initiatives in francophone affairs. Work will also continue in the area of construction labour mobility.

"The people of Ontario value the strong and successful relationship we've built with our friends and neighbours in Quebec," said Premier McGuinty. "Today, we are committing ourselves to renewing and strengthening the spirit of cooperation to help ensure a higher quality of life for people in both provinces."

"The pursuit of enhanced cooperation with our Ontario neighbours demonstrates the firm determination of the Quebec government to improve its relations with its partners in other provinces," said Charest. "We believe that better collaboration will contribute to a better federation, which will benefit all."

"We're paving the way for improvements in key areas that will benefit citizens of both provinces," said Premier McGuinty. "People expect governments to work together and achieve results on their most important priorities."

"By this enhanced cooperation with Ontario, Quebec also wishes to intensify the exchanges among francophones in both provinces," said Premier Charest.

The premiers have directed their ministers to continue negotiations and prepare sectoral agreements. Premiers McGuinty and Charest will meet in the fall to review progress and finalize a framework agreement committing their two provinces to ongoing cooperation.

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