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Canada - Ontario Memorandum Of Agreement On Collaboration In The Delivery Of Public Service

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Canada - Ontario Memorandum Of Agreement On Collaboration In The Delivery Of Public Service

Office of the Premier

One of the great and enduring strengths of the Canadian federation is the opportunity it provides for innovation in the delivery of public services. Over time, public policy and service delivery innovations started in one part of the country have led to innovations right across the country.

Canada and Ontario recognize public policy has to be developed to respond to the needs of citizens, and public services delivered in ways that work for them.

Canada and Ontario recognize the need to work together to resolve issues around policy coherence, governance and accountability and information sharing.

Based on this shared vision, Canada and Ontario will work to establish new collaborative approaches to delivering results to the public through:

  1. A commitment to continuously improving the quality and seamlessness of services;
  2. Improving citizens' access to the information they need;
  3. Sustainable and efficient delivery of public services;
  4. Enhancing efficiency and service by co-locating offices where it makes sense to do so;
  5. Aligning complementary programs and creating new opportunities for innovation in service delivery.

Canada and Ontario agree to enter into this Memorandum of Agreement to promote collaboration initiatives and establish a framework to pursue and implement agreed initiatives, within the following context:

  • Both Canada and Ontario are committed to ensuring that the Canadian federation works effectively and efficiently for citizens.
  • Canada and Ontario recognize that the key to achieving public policy outcomes is for each jurisdiction to focus on citizens, to work from their strengths, and to work in collaboration.

Statement of Guiding Principles

The governance and accountability frameworks developed to support cross-government collaboration initiatives will ensure that each government will remain accountable to their respective constituents for their own programs.

Investments in collaboration initiatives will be open and transparent to ensure full public accountability.

Collaboration initiatives will be documented, clearly setting out the objectives of the initiatives and the relative roles and responsibilities of the individual government ministries and departments involved.

The governments are committed to developing innovative and integrated service delivery models.

The governments are committed to working with municipalities in the development of integrated service delivery models.

Privacy and security protection for integrated service delivery models must enhance integrity and public confidence.

Communication and information technology investments and information policies and practices must be aligned to create and sustain a common service delivery infrastructure.

The governments shall pursue financial benefits in developing integrated service delivery models.


To implement this Memorandum of Agreement, the parties agree to establish a Canada-Ontario working group on integrated service delivery, consisting of a federal minister and the Clerk of the Privy Council, representing Canada, and the Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier and the Secretary of the Cabinet, representing Ontario.

The working group will develop its terms of reference and identify priorities for collaboration initiatives. The Appendix to this Memorandum of Agreement sets out priority collaboration initiatives to be pursued in the interim.


May 13, 2004

Joe Volpe

Jim Watson


  1. Citizen/Business Facing Services including counter consolidation with a priority on Ottawa and common electronic delivery channels
  2. A common information technology backbone, standards and platforms
  3. Jointly located coordinated Emergency Management System
  4. Collaborative Seniors' Portal
  5. Integrated inspections, investigations and enforcement (workplace health and safety, environmental assessment, food safety)
  6. Immigration Letter of Intent
  7. New, integrated labour market program and service delivery system
  8. Collaboration on administrative efficiencies which are of benefit to both governments
  9. Shared strategic approach to the automotive sector
  10. Collaboration on research.