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Council Of The Federation

2004 Summer Youth Forum

Office of the Premier

This summer, 26 young people from across Canada will have the unique opportunity to take part in a Youth Forum that is being organized as part of the Council of Federation meeting, July 28-30, in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

The goal of the Youth Forum is to develop ideas for advancing the interest of young people in Canadian federalism and public affairs.

As host of the Council of the Federation 2004 Summer Meeting, and incoming Chair of Premiers, I am looking forward to talking with the Youth Forum delegates about the role that governments and the Council can play in increasing participation of young people in activities such as voting, public service and/or public life.

Our government has committed to ensuring that more people, particularly young people, vote during elections, become more involved in their communities, and participate in the political process. I am pleased to support the Council of the Federation 2004 Summer Youth Forum as a way of helping us meet these important goals here in Ontario.

If you would like to participate, visit http://www.ipac.ca/awards/cf_youth_forum_2004.html for more information.



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