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McGuinty Government To Rebuild Ontario's Crumbling Schools

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McGuinty Government To Rebuild Ontario's Crumbling Schools

Office of the Premier

ST. THOMAS -- Premier Dalton McGuinty today announced the Ontario government will help fund essential major repairs and renovations to Ontario's publicly funded schools.

"Our students need schools that will help them to learn," McGuinty said. "Too many students have been left in crumbling buildings that do not meet the proper standards of safety and comfort. We're going to fix that."

The Good Places to Learn initiative follows the government's 2004 Budget announcement made last week, outlining a significant new investment to improve Ontario's publicly funded education.

This investment will be financed by a $200 million amortization fund as recommended by the Report of the Education Equality Task Force in 2002, led by Dr. Mordechai Rozanski.

"Previous generations made sure our schools were points of pride for students and staff and it's time for our generation to do the same," said Education Minister Gerard Kennedy. "We are also going to maintain our schools better to prevent such a state of disrepair from happening again."

Boards will be notified of their allocations shortly. Funds will flow in the 2005-06 school year to permit the significant planning required for such a major renovation of school space.

"Our government faced a choice: we could have balanced the Budget this year by gutting important services like public education, or we could balance the Budget within our mandate so we can deliver excellence in public education and success for our students," said Premier McGuinty.

"In our four-year plan for change, we chose public education. We chose success for our students. We made the right choice."

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