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McGuinty Praises Martin Deal For Cities And Communities

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McGuinty Praises Martin Deal For Cities And Communities

Working Together For Stronger Communities

Office of the Premier

QUEEN'S PARK -- Premier Dalton McGuinty praised Prime Minister Paul Martin's new deal for cities as a strong foundation for building stronger communities.

"Our two governments have been working together, on transit, on housing, on immigration -- and this is a foundation upon which we can continue to work together to strengthen our cities and towns," Premier McGuinty said.

"It's a plan that will allow us to help provide Ontarians with a quality of life that's second to none."

There are several examples of the two governments working together to strengthen communities:

  • Prime Minister Martin committed a share of the federal gas tax to communities. The McGuinty government's Budget committed two cents of the existing gas tax to municipalities for public transit, with the first cent to start flowing this fall.
  • The Prime Minister vowed to work with municipalities and provinces to accelerate the elimination of the "infrastructure deficit." The Ontario and federal governments have already announced funding for public transit in Ottawa, Kitchener and Toronto, including $1 billion in funding for the TTC and $1 billion for GO Transit, as well the Windsor Gateway Action Plan.
  • The Prime Minister committed to focus on social and affordable housing. The Ontario and federal governments are already working together to deliver 2,300 new affordable housing units.
  • The Prime Minister pledged to invest, through Green Municipal Funds, in environmental technologies that deliver cleaner air, water, soil and climate protection. The McGuinty government has launched an aggressive energy conservation strategy coupled with a request for proposals for new supplies of renewable energy.

"Since we were sworn into government just eight months ago, we have built a respectful and productive partnership with the federal government, working together on behalf of Ontarians, instead of squabbling with each other, at the expense of Ontarians," Premier McGuinty said.

"The plan the Prime Minister announced today is based on sound policy, and it's backed by a practical approach to the nation's finances. It will allow us to continue to work together, along with our municipal partners, to build stronger communities."



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