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Plan For Change Delivers Improved Front-Line Health Care To Millions Of Ontarians

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Plan For Change Delivers Improved Front-Line Health Care To Millions Of Ontarians

150 Family Health Teams Will Improve Primary Care And Help Ontarians Who Can't Find A Family Doctor

Office of the Premier

TORONTO -- The Plan For Change will establish 150 Family Health Teams, improving primary care for 2.5 million Ontarians, including thousands who can't even find a family doctor today, said Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.

"Our plan to deliver the results Ontarians want and need in health care starts with improvements in primary care," Premier McGuinty said following a roundtable at the Rexdale Community Health Centre.

"Family Health Teams will provide the best in around-the-clock health care, so Ontarians get the front-line care they need, in their community, without sitting in hospital emergency rooms for hours on end."

Family Health Teams consist of doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners working alongside other health care professionals to provide comprehensive, front-line care, as well as referrals to other community services such as home care.

They will make a major difference to hundreds of thousands of Ontarians in 136 communities -- including cities as large as London and Windsor -- that face a severe doctor shortage.

By working to help people stay healthy -- and ensuring problems are diagnosed early and treated appropriately -- Family Health Teams help take pressure off hospitals and the health care budget.

"This approach will ensure health care is more responsive to people's needs today -- and that medicare is sustained for future generations," Premier McGuinty said.

"This is what Ontarians want and need, and this is what our plan delivers."

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