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Premier Announces Council Of The Federation Youth Forum

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Premier Announces Council Of The Federation Youth Forum

Delegates To Be Selected Through Essay-Writing Contest

Office of the Premier

TORONTO -- Premier Dalton McGuinty announced today that the Council of the Federation is organizing a Youth Forum, aimed at encouraging young Canadians to become more involved in public life, as part of its summer meeting, July 28-30, in Niagara-on the-Lake.

"As host of the Council of the Federation's summer meeting, I am looking forward to talking with youth forum delegates about the role that governments can play in increasing participation of young people in activities such as voting, public service and public life," said McGuinty.

Delegates, ages 19-22, will be selected through an essay-writing contest. Two delegates will be chosen from each of Canada's 13 provinces and territories. The Council of the Federation will pay for travel, accommodation and meal costs.

Submissions must be 750-1000 words and respond to the following question: "Increasing youth participation in the many aspects of Canadian democracy is an ongoing challenge. What do you think governments and the Council of the Federation could do to capture your interest and involvement in Canadian federalism and public affairs (such as recognition of the diversity within the federation, public service, public policy or voting)?"

In Ontario, the essay-writing contest is being administered by the Institute for Public Administration of Canada. Young people interested in entering the contest should visit www.ipac.ca for more information. The deadline for submissions is May 15.

"Our government has committed to ensuring that more people, particularly young people, vote during elections, become more involved in their communities, and participate in the political process," said McGuinty. "I am pleased to support the Council of the Federation 2004 Summer Youth Forum as a way of helping us meet these important goals."

The three-day Council of the Federation meeting will bring together all 13 provincial and territorial leadersfrom Canada's provinces and territories to address key issues such as health-care reform and sustainability, internal trade and Canada -- U.S. relations.

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