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50 New Full-Time Nurses Hired At Credit Valley Hospital

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50 New Full-Time Nurses Hired At Credit Valley Hospital

McGuinty Government Tackling Nursing Shortage

Office of the Premier

MISSISSAUGA -- Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty today met with nurses at Credit Valley Hospital -- where 50 full-time nurses have recently been hired -- and said that his government is tackling the province's nursing shortage.

"Our government is committed to promoting a healthier Ontario - and we're determined to achieve the health care results that Ontarians want and need," said Premier McGuinty. "Nurses are the heart and soul of the health care system - and we're committed to fixing the nursing shortage by creating more full-time positions."

The McGuinty government is providing Ontarians better access to quality nursing care through a $50-million strategy that will:

  • Create new full-time opportunities for nursing graduates in hospitals and long-term care facilities
  • Support mentoring opportunities between experienced nurses and graduates
  • Improve nursing education by helping nursing schools buy up-to-date equipment and
  • Make best use of the skills and knowledge of experienced nurses so they can continue contributing to the health care system.

"For years, Ontarians watched as some of our best nurses left the province - frustrated by a system that left them both overworked and misused," said Premier McGuinty. "Our government is committed to rebuilding the foundation of the profession. As we're seeing here at Credit Valley Hospital, our investments are making a difference where it matters most -- in our hospitals and in our communities."

The Premier said he is pleased by the progress made so far, but there is a lot of work ahead to strengthen Ontario's health care system and make it sustainable for the long term.

"Step-by-step, we'll continue providing Ontarians with what they need and deserve: results," said Premier McGuinty. "We'll continue working to ensure that Ontario's universal, public health care system is responsive today, sustainable tomorrow and equipped for the challenges of the future."

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