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Premier McGuinty Opens New Hydro One Grid Control Centre

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Premier McGuinty Opens New Hydro One Grid Control Centre

Centre Ensures A Better Energy System, Quicker Response To Future Blackouts

Office of the Premier

BARRIE -- Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, joined by Minister of Energy Dwight Duncan, said today Hydro One's new Grid Control Centre will help make Ontario's electricity system more reliable and improve the province's ability to respond to any future crisis.

"We're working hard to develop a more reliable and sustainable energy system," said Premier McGuinty at the official opening. "This new centre is a big part of that and it better prepares us for any future crisis. We can get the lights on sooner and get people back to work quicker than we could a year ago."

Hydro One's $125-million Grid Control Centre uses some of the most sophisticated technology in the world to better manage Ontario's electricity network. Approximately 210 employees will operate and oversee Hydro One's entire distribution and transmission system from the facility. Construction began in September 2001 and the centre will be fully operational by the end of August.

"This control centre will help manage our electricity system more efficiently -- saving hard-earned taxpayer dollars," said Premier McGuinty. "It will help distribute and transmit electricity -- making it more reliable. And it will help staff work together better -- improving customer service."

The Premier emphasized the government's commitment to making Ontario a North American leader in energy conservation and management.

"The energy decisions our government has made so far will go a long way towards a more sustainable and affordable supply of electricity," said Premier McGuinty. "We are seeking more renewable energy, reforming the electricity sector, generating more power at Niagara Falls and refurbishing Pickering A."

"The blackout reinforced the need to look out for the best interests of Ontarians by modernizing our electricity system," said Minister Duncan. "The Ontario Grid Control Centre provides state-of-the-art, minute-to-minute monitoring and control of Hydro One's transmission and distribution systems, which will allow Hydro One to respond more quickly and effectively to unplanned outages should they occur."

The Premier also said it was important for all Ontarians to help manage demand and create a culture of conservation in Ontario.

"We all need to find ways to reduce our consumption. Working together, we can ensure Ontario has an electricity supply that is reliable today and sustainable tomorrow," said Premier McGuinty. "Because Ontario's electricity is more than just the energy that lights our homes and turns on our TVs. It's the energy that stimulates our economic growth, sparks the innovation of our businesses and makes our communities strong and vibrant."

"It's the energy that makes Ontario great, with a quality of life that is second to none."

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