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Premier McGuinty Welcomes 25 Local Teachers For Summer Training

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Premier McGuinty Welcomes 25 Local Teachers For Summer Training

Over 7,500 Volunteer To Improve Their Teaching Skills In Math And Reading

Office of the Premier

BRANTFORD -- Thousands of teachers will return to their classrooms in September equipped with new teaching strategies to help students in the early years improve their reading and math skills, said Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.

"For students to succeed in school and later in life, they need to be able to read, write and do math at a high level by age 12 -- no one knows that better than teachers," said Premier McGuinty. "The fact that thousands of teachers enrolled in this voluntary training is proof of their commitment to public education, and of the new partnership in education -- a partnership that will help us ensure success for students."

Teacher training is a key component of the McGuinty government's literacy and numeracy strategy. Provincial test scores show many students are lacking a solid foundation in reading, writing and math. Only 54 per cent of students are reaching the provincial standard of a 'B' in provincewide tests. The McGuinty government has set a goal of 75 per cent of students reaching the provincial standard by 2007.

The two-day training sessions are being offered to Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3 teachers in over 120 locations across the province this summer. They show teachers how to effectively use the latest, best teaching practices in reading, writing and math.

"Success for students is a priority we ran on and Ontarians voted for," said Premier McGuinty. "We're taking action on that priority. We're making progress."



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