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Helping Boys Improve Their Reading Skills: Tips For Parents

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Helping Boys Improve Their Reading Skills: Tips For Parents

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Results from elementary and secondary schools have shown that boys are not doing as well as girls when it comes to reading.

Parents can help to improve their sons' reading skills in these ways:

  • Make available something he likes to read.
    Boys often like to read science fiction and fantasy, books with action and humour, and magazines, comic books or even the sports pages of your daily newspaper.

  • Let your son choose books himself.
    Let your son choose books and other reading materials on his own. Make reading fun and enjoyable.

  • Read with him.
    Boys enjoy stories, even if reading is difficult. Share the reading and read to your son. Listening to you read will encourage good reading habits.

  • Show him you like reading, too.
    Even when you're not reading with your son, let him see you reading. Also, point out male role models who read (sports figures, actors and musicians).

  • Encourage boys to read every day.
    Give boys more opportunities to read outside the classroom and encourage them to set aside time for reading every day.

  • Join the local public library together.
    Support your son's reading habits, discuss reading with enthusiasm and become library members together.

  • Read on the Net together.
    Boys thrive on visuals: television, cartoons and video games, for example, promote information technology as an important opportunity to engage boys in reading. Reading does not automatically mean reading books.

  • Talk about what they read.
    Boys like to share their reading experiences with others. Encourage them to read and discuss books they have chosen with you. Talking about what they read will help boys focus on ideas and words.

  • Bring reading to life.
    Being able to see the story in their mind's eye will increase reading enjoyment for boys. Read aloud, be animated and even act out scenes from books.



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