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McGuinty Government Strengthens Public Transit In Guelph

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McGuinty Government Strengthens Public Transit In Guelph

$1.4 Million In Provincial Gas Tax Means New Routes, Increased Ridership

Office of the Premier

GUELPH -- Public transit users in Guelph can expect improved service and the addition of new routes because of $1.4 million in gas tax money from the Province.

"Guelph is a thriving, growing centre that needs and deserves a high-quality public transit system," said Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.

"Providing stable, long-term funding for public transit in Guelph helps strengthen the health, education and prosperity of its people, and that strengthens Ontario."

Current transit ridership in Guelph is more than five million a year. Ridership is projected to increase about two per cent in 2005, which translates into an additional 150,000 riders.

Using the new provincial funding, the City of Guelph will:

  • Fund a new route along Speedvale, Victoria and Stone Roads to service new riders
  • Build a new transit terminal to connect regional municipalities and cities. The new terminal will provide a safe, convenient and weather-protected transfer area for inter-regional passengers.

Over the next three years, more than $600 million of the provincial gas tax will be invested in 78 transit systems, serving 105 municipalities across Ontario.

This new funding is above and beyond the government's existing commitments to strengthen Ontario's public transit. Over the next five years, the government will invest more than $1 billion of gas tax funding in public transit.

"Our plan for Ontario is all about strengthening our people, by strengthening their education, health and prosperity," the Premier said.

"Better public transit here in Guelph means cleaner air, less traffic and improved access to some of the best places to learn, finest health care facilities and leading business and employment opportunities in the province."



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