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Safe Schools Equal Successful Students

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Safe Schools Equal Successful Students

Safety Audits Underway, Bullying Prevention Programs And Hotline Planned For Fall

Office of the Premier

OTTAWA -- Making schools safer by installing entrance cameras, doing safety audits and standing up to bullies will help students succeed, says Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.

"Our government is working to make our schools safer -- and better," said Premier McGuinty. "By working to ensure that every student is free from violence and the threat of violence, we can help ensure that every student reaches his or her potential."

In a speech to an anti-bullying conference hosted by Child and Youth Friendly Ottawa, Premier McGuinty outlined his government's safe schools plan:

  • Conducting safety audits of all Ontario schools to assess the need for things like better lighting and new doors; surveys that will help guide these audits are being sent to administrators tomorrow
  • Installing entranceway security cameras in at least 400 elementary schools for this fall
  • Creating a bullying-prevention program in all schools by the end of the year
  • Establishing a new bullying-prevention hotline for this fall
  • Forming a Safe Schools Action Team appointed by Minister of Education Gerard Kennedy and led by Guelph-Wellington MPP Liz Sandals
  • Investing at least $9 million this year and next to make schools safer.

"Every student has the right to feel safe and be safe in school and on school grounds," said Minister of Education Gerard Kennedy. "Our action team is determined to ensure that Ontario's publicly funded schools are truly great places to learn, grow and achieve."

"Our plan for Ontario is to strengthen our province by strengthening our people, starting with the education and skills of our people," Premier McGuinty said. "If we want better results from our students, we have to do a better job of ensuring there is respect for students and between students, starting with respect for their safety."

  • Speech: At The Anti-Bullying Conference Ottawa
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