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What People Are Saying About Family Health Teams

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What People Are Saying About Family Health Teams

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"With the advent of family health groups and networks, we began to see the emergence of family physicians working together to provide comprehensive care. Now with the Family Health Teams, we have moved to an exciting new level of care, bringing together a whole host of health care providers," said Dr. Val Rachlis, President of the Ontario College of Family Physicians.

"This enhanced approach to primary medical care will result in better care for patients, better care for communities and a more balanced lifestyle for all providers of care. The OCFP welcomes this new initiative in the provision of health care."

"As the representative of Ontario's new physicians, we are very encouraged that the government is moving forward on this initiative," said Dr. Danielle Martin, President, Professional Association of Interns and Residents of Ontario (PAIRO). "New physicians are looking to practice in improved models of health care delivery, including inter-professional teams. PAIRO believes that Family Health Teams can be an important next step in providing better health care, and access to health care, for all Ontarians."

"The Nurse Practitioners' Association of Ontario is thrilled with this announcement and the enthusiastic response of communities across Ontario," said Theresa Agnew, Chair, Nurse Practitioners' Association of Ontario. "Nurse practitioners look forward to participating in a model that truly helps to achieve the goals of primary health care reform by providing interdisciplinary care and improving access to quality care."

"The Family Health Teams announced today will enhance access to close-to-home, first-contact care for patients across the province," said Dr. Ruth Wilson, Professor of Family Medicine at Queen's University, Chair of Family Health Team Action Group. "These teams will also support health care providers such as family physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, dieticians in working together -- a demonstration of how Ontario continues to lead the way in primary care renewal."

"One of the most important features of Family Health Teams is the focus on education and prevention," said the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario's CEO, Rocco Rossi. "A multi-disciplinary approach such as this one makes it possible for health care providers to spend valuable time educating patients to help keep them healthy."

"Moving forward with the first wave of Family Health Teams is an important step toward improving access to primary health care for Ontarians in their communities," said Roger Anderson, President of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario. "We are encouraged by the overwhelming interest from doctors and practitioners across the province in forming collaborative community primary health care teams, and we hope that our communities will truly benefit from this in the near future."

"Ontarians need access to health care teams to help them manage complex health problems such as diabetes," said Gary O'Connor, Executive Director Greater Toronto/Central South Ontario, Canadian Diabetes Association. "We welcome this multi-disciplinary approach and the inclusion of nurses, dietitians and other health care providers on Family Health Teams."



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